Faculty Computer Hardware & Software


Full time CoBE faculty and staff are eligible for a new computer when the old one no longer meets your needs. CoBE Tech reviews computer inventory throughout the year to ensure your computer hardware is up to date


Faculty Hardware

CoBE Faculty and full-time staff are assigned a computer for work use. In general, faculty and full-time staff computers can be replaced after four years.  Part-time staff are assigned a gently used computer. 

Consultation Required If you are a faculty member who is a Mac users, please contact Technology Coordinator Joe Kokott directly for a consultation at kokottj@uww.edu

Faculty Software

Faculty and staff computers are delivered with standard campus software already installed.  Additional software can be requested and installed with supervisor approval.  In addition, some software is available for personal use for free or greatly reduced pricing.

Adobe Creative Cloud

UW-Whitewater employees can purchase Adobe "Creative Cloud" for use on personal computers through WISC for $19.95 per year. This software can be purchased from WISC Software.
Select, "Faculty/Staff (Personal Sales)" to purchase. This software will require you to set up an Adobe account using your UWW email address.


Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog is a website where students and employees of the UW system can browse and purchase some common software at discounted rates.  To browse the catalog, visit WISC Software and select "Faculty/Staff (Personal Sales)", and select Whitewater as your campus.


The campus provides Symantec Endpoint Protection for all campus computer systems.  Under the current licensing agreement, UW-Whitewater students and employees may download a copy of Symantec Endpoint Protection for use on their personal computer with no charge.  To download this software, visit the campus antivirus site.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is available as a Work At Home version of software through purchase from the Hub: The current cost is $9.75.