IT Security


IT Security is a shared responsibility between individuals and the UW-Whitewater campus ICIT area.   Please guard your information and take precautions to protect your personal identity

Password Reset Requests

UW-Whitewater passwords are required to be changed every 180 days.  Users receive system notifications when passwords are near expiration to prompt them to change passwords. Users may change passwords or setup password challenge questions on the password management page.

Guest Account Requests

You may request a guest account for internet access through iCIT through their guest access site.


The campus provides Symantec Endpoint Protection for all campus computer systems.  Under the current licensing agreement, UW-Whitewater students and employees may download a copy of Symantec Endpoint Protection for use on their personal computer with no charge. To download a copy of Symantec Endpoint Protection, visit the campus antivirus page.

Spam Filtering -- Ironport

Ironport is an enterprise spam filtering tool that filters, quarrantines and discards mail that is likely to be spam.  For more information on Ironport or to obtain instruction on activating Ironport on your university email account, please visit the iCIT Ironport web page.