Storage & Data Sharing


Remote access to the UW-Whitewater computer network and storage is available through VPN access, provided by iCIT.  A virtual private network allows you to access files from campus network drives (G: H: and T)

Local Storage

It is very convenient to store files on the local hard drive of a laptop or desktop computer.  However, the campus does not have a process in place to backup individual hard drives in the event of a failure.  Consequently, users should save all important university documents to one of the centrally managed storage options that are protected against hardware failure.

Network Drives

Most campus employees will be given at least three network drives.

  • G:\ - An individual's network drive where he/she can store information accessible only to the assigned individual. On a Mac,  access is based off first letter of NetID: A-G:, H-M:, N-S: T-Z:

  • H:\ - A department's network drive that is accessible to everyone in the department and intended for sharing documents needed to be accessed by multiple individuals. On a Mac:

  • T:\ - The T drive is a series of different folders where multiple individuals and/or departments need to share access to resources -- mostly for projects and cross-department shared files.  Access to folders on the T drive is assigned based upon need and supervisor's approval. On a Mac:

To learn more about the network drives available to you and best practices of what to store on the various network drives, please refer to the iCIT documentation on the file storage page.

Google Drive

An additional on-line file storage service offered by the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater is Google Drive. This service may be reached at Google Drive allows you to create and store files, collaborate in real-time on projects, and present presentations. More information and tutorials may be found on the iCIT google docs site.

Remote Access to Campus Network (Virtual Private Network)

Instructions for downloading and installing the VPN client to your machine and for connecting to campus resources are available on the VPN page.