LanSchool is a classroom management program used to improve learning in a digital classroom. It includes a screen monitor, keystroke monitor, teacher-to-student chat feature, URL monitor, and various other features

LanSchool Classroom Management Software Overview

LanSchool has additional features which can allow instructors to run testing, push files and collect files from students, run particular applications, broadcast messages to students through the computer, etc. These specific additional features will not be supported upon the initial rollout of the software. If these features are desired, we can look at supporting the additional features at a later date. If instructors wish to try these features, please do so with the knowledge that iCIT cannot assist with troubleshooting, data recovery or any other issues that arise at this time.

**It is very important that students are made aware that this software is being utilized in the classroom. Please state clearly on your course syllabus and post in the classroom that the software is in use and how you will be using the software. The following statement has been approved by the Dean of Student Life as an adequate statement for inclusion in course syllabi. Additionally, you should expand on the general statement and be as specific as possible to your intended use -blocking applications, tacking snapshots of student screens, etc.

LanSchool Classroom management software has been installed in this computer lab and may be utilized by the instructor to limit applications and web access, monitor student computer activity, remote to student work stations and assist students with classroom and lab materials. Because of the functionality of the software, history of computer use including web browsing history is available to the instructors. Please assume that the software is active at all class times.

Using LanSchool:

To Access LanSchool, click on the icon present on the instructor station desktop.

1.To View what students are doing on Desktop

Click on View All and Best Fit to see thumbnails of all student screens

2.To Limit Web Access on All Student Computers

To Limit Web, Applications, Printing, USB, Sound, etc. for ALL computers, either select ALL computers so they all have red boxes around them, or (easier yet) don't select ANY. If no computers are selected, LanSchool will assume you wish to apply a general policy.

In the example above, I clicked in the Grey area to "deselect" any students I had highlighted, clicked on the drop-down menu of "Limit Web" and selected to Limit Web Access. You can tell this is enforced on all computers by the Globe with the red "restricted" mark in the lower left corner of the student screens.

To enable Web Browsing, simply click the Limit Web icon at the top of the screen and the policy will be lifted.

3.To Push an Instructor's Screen to all Student Computers

Click on the "Show" Icon in the top menu bar. This will display the instructor's screen on the students' monitors.

For your information, if you have dual monitors as the instructor, only what is displaying on your PRIMARY monitor will be displayed to the students.

To stop showing your desktop, click the "Show" icon again to cancel the policy.

4.To Show a Student's Screen on all other screens

Please be very careful when doing this. Make certain you have this option stated explicitly in your syllabus and you receive student permission prior to showing the screen.

Select the student's computer by clicking on the student pc thumbnail. The student's thumbnail will be highlighted by a red box. Click on Show student. You will then see on your screen a larger image of the student's screen that is being displayed. To stop "pushing" the student's screen, click on Show Student again.

To stop "pushing" the student's screen to the rest of the class, click the "show student" button again to stop the policy

5.To Blank Student Screens

You can push a blank screen to all students by simply clicking the Blank Screen Icon in the top menu bar. This also locks the keyboard and mouse functionality. To configure your blank screen message, select the drop down menu on the side of the Blank Screen icon, and customize your message.

To unblank the screens, click the blank screen icon again.

6.To Ask Students to Vote on a Question

Click on Vote, Type your Question (for Multiple choice, type the letters and corresponding answers in the text box), and then click "Send". It is possible to create questions in advance, and also load questions from another location.

When the students vote, you will see the percentages for the answers up on your screen.

7. To Reboot Student Machines

To Reboot, or shut down computers, select the student machines, and select Administer, restart Student Computer.

Helpful Hints:To Select a single student's computer to either Remote Control, Show, or apply individual policies, click on the student's machine (a Red Box will appear).To Select multiple student computers, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the applicable machines. Then select whatever policies you wish to apply to that particular subset of students.