Research Mission

Within the Economics Department, we wish to create an environment that will enable our faculty to maintain an active and diverse research agenda. By doing so, we seek to attract and retain high quality faculty to the Department. We aim to allow faculty to lend their expertise to regional, national and international interests, and outreach.

Economics Research at UW-Whitewater

Faculty within the Department of Economics are actively engaged in research. The links to the right provide information on our Department's Seminar series, our Working Paper series, as well as any current job openings available within the Department of Economics. In addition, a large number of our students are actively engaged in research through both the Fiscal and Economic Research Center as well as through the Undergraduate Research Program here at UW-Whitewater.

Please visit the Economics Department directory to explore the expertise and research interests of our faculty. For some examples of selected publications between 2008 - 2012 by our faculty, please click here.