Economics Links

Here is a collection of economics links that will be useful for students in our classes:

Other Economic Departments in the UW System

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Economics Link Sites

Econbrowser - a great blog by James Hamilton from UCSD

Greg Mankiw's Blog - by Greg Mankiw at Harvard

Calculated Risk - by Bill McBride

Marginal Revolution - by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok at George Mason University

Economist's View - blog by Mark Thoma at University of Oregon

The Information Economy , a collection of documents by the economist Hal Varian, provides links to the economics of the internet,  government resources, intellectual property, international economics, pricing, miscellaneous resources and policy and law 

EcEdWeb  provides comprehensive links to some of the best sites and texts in economics. 

Dr. T's provides a comprehensive, yet concise, index of useful links for Economists and anyone interested in Economics, Business and Finance.

Government Information

US Department of Justice - Antitrust Division provides information about current antitrust filings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides  links to  the economy at a glance, data, key search of BLS web pages, survey and programs, cost of living, price indexes, statistical sites and research papers. 

The U.S. Census Economic Indicators provides the latest indicators on U.S. international trade, manufacturing and trade, inventories, advance monthly retail sales, housing starts, manufacture's shipments and other indicators. 

FRB St. Louis - Research Links

International Organizations

Many of the International Organizations have useful information at their Web or gopher sites.  Here is a sampling: 

Asian Development Bank

InterAmerican Development Bank

International Monetary Fund

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

United Nations

World Bank

World Trade Organization

Data to Download

Economagic Time Series Page

Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - FRED database

National Statistics (UKdata)

Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Other Links

American Economics Association
- official site of the American Economics Association, offering electronic editions of the American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature and Journal of Economic Perspectives to members.

- Storehouse of Journal articles - 5 year lag.

National Bureau of Economics Research
- Great site listing recent working papers in Economics. Abstracts and paper downloads available - the place to see what people are currently working on.

QM & RBC Job Market - The Quantitiative Macro and RBC Job Market

Research Papers in Economics
The largest bibliographic database dedciated to Economics, with over 325 000 items of research that can be browsed or searched, and over 225 000 items available for full download.

Resources for Economists
- a comprehensive site containing more than 1600 resources in 97 sections. Includes data, definition of economic terms, university listings, conference listings, organizations and associations, Blogs, and other stuff.

Royal Economic Society
the UK version of JOE (EJOE)

Social Science Research Network (ERN - Economics Research Network)
The Economics Research Network, part of the SSRN

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