Working Paper Submission Instructions

To submit a paper to the working paper series, please refer to what you need to do below and submit the items to Yamin. These things are required by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) which will archive and disseminate our research efforts.

Please submit all of the following:

  • your working paper as a pdf file (or a MS Word document that Yamin can then convert to a pdf file). Please fill in and attach the coversheet to the pdf (or word file) as its first page. The coversheet is in word document format. 
  • a simple text file that can be viewed by any simple text editor, containing:
    • the Title of the paper
    • Author (and any co-authors with affiliations)
    • Abstract
    • Creation Date: The format of the date is: yyyy or yyyy-mm or yyyy-mm-dd.

The following are optional and do not need to be included: 

  • Publication-Status: If you want to make aware where this paper is published use this field. It needs to start with Published in or with Forthcoming in.
  • Revision-date: As above for creation date, the format of the date is: yyyy or yyyy-mm or yyyy-mm-dd. Please maintain the same format for creation and revision dates.
  • JEL Classification: Use the Journal of Economic Literature codes from this list. It is highly recommended to use them for increased exposure of the paper.