The UW-Whitewater Entrepreneurship program was ranked as the #2 Entrepreneurship Program in the U.S. (by USASBE). The combination of practical courses, national award winning students and successful entrepreneurs make this an ideal option for budding entrepreneurs.

Watch the videos below to see two of our recent success stories. Henry Schwartz, the founder of Mobcraft who was recently featured on Shark Tank and Sam Lukach the founder of Huk who recently did over $1 million in revenue before graduation and was featured in Inc. Magazine.

Henry Schwartz CEO and Founder of Mobcraft

Sam Lukach CEO and Founder of Huk TV Mount

We primarily help students in one of the following four areas: First to develop the knowledge and skills to generate new ventures and determine the associated variability, second to refine the ability to develop innovative solutions within existing organizations, third to develop knowledge and skills surrounding driving social change within current organizations and develop social change related ventures and lastly develop the knowledge and skills to help grow small and family businesses. First, the ability to identify and explain issues facing small, family, and entrepreneurial businesses; second, to evaluate the viability of a business; and, third, prepare a start-up business plan emphasizing financing, marketing, and organization.

Faculty members are approachable, up-to-date, and recently published in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Management.

Why Major in Entrepreneurship at UW-Whitewater:

  • You'll enhance your creativity and innovation skills
  • You get to follow your own passions and projects
  • You'll develop the independent thinking skill to compete in a global labor force
  • Entrepreneurial thinkers are in demand—organizations are competing globally, too!
  • You'll learn how to create your own future
  • You'll be in classes with like-minded students
  • You'll learn to recognize and evaluate opportunities
  • You'll make connections with successful entrepreneurs
  • You'll get one-to-one advice from professors and an advisory board passionate about entrepreneurship and helping students
  • You'll learn the value of creating good jobs, a very socially responsible thing to do!