Experiments in Entrepreneurship

Independent Study (3 credits)

The independent study in entrepreneurship will allow a select group of students to develop their own entrepreneurial spirit and business projects, which might include a variety of approaches, leveraging a $1,000 grant. Projects should be entrepreneurial and innovative (not "imitative"), but the "perfect business idea" is not expected. Social entrepreneurship is encouraged.

A lead faculty entrepreneurship advisor (who may be supplemental to a department adviser) will help coordinate an expert support network focused on the student or student team project.

One of the goals is to spur entrepreneurial and innovative thinking while developing off- campus industry and expert connections. Another goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary connections on campus.

Prereq: All colleges and departments are eligible. Prereq depends on department. Selection through competitive process.

See department regs on Independent Study (it generally requires upper class standing) and if advisers outside department are okay; there may be an adviser team, depending on project.

Contact Dr. Jeff Vanevenhoven (vanevenj@uww.edu), Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Coordinator, to discuss possible projects and adviser assignment.

Project approval is required of:

  • The department and adviser as an Independent Study worthy of 3 course credits
  • Dr. Vanevenhoven for the $1,000 grant

Requires participation in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) Elevator Pitch contest (fall) and Warhawk Business Plan (spring), depending on semester.

Grants payments made at the end of months (3) and final semester (1) of $250 with approval of adviser when milestones are reached.