Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations

The College of Business and Economics is pleased to offer a NEW management course beginning in Fall 2017:  Foundations in Nonprofit and Nongovernment Organizations (MGT 370).

Nonprofit organizations have a considerable impact on our economy and society. The nonprofit sector is estimated to contribute approximately 10 percent of the workforce and over 9 percent of the wages and salaries in the United States.1  It also contributes an estimated $878 billion to the U.S. economy, or about 5.4 percent of the GDP.2

Foundations in Nonprofit and Nongovernment Organizations examines the scope and impact of this growing sector, as well as its relationship with business and government sectors. The course also explores how nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations impact our communities, and the critical role of active and engaged citizens. Areas of study include the foundations of civil society, voluntary action and philanthropy, nonprofit practice in the United States and its historical development, and regulatory and resource constraints.

1 Spectrum Nonprofit

2 National Council of Nonprofits

MGT 370: Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations


NEW Graduate Course Offering for Spring 2018:  Social Transformation and Nonprofit/Nongovernmental Organization Management (MGT 765).

This graduate-level course will develop students' knowledge of the nonprofit sector. It provides an overview of nonprofit and volunteer organizations, as well as their origins, growth and development. The course also delivers an international and comparative perspective on this emergent, multi-dimensional sector of the economy. Focuses include management theory and practice, and strategies nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations can employ to influence change at individual, policy and societal levels.



Assistant Professor Carol Brunt. Dr. Carol Brunt’s major field of research is nonprofit management. Her research interests include human resource management in nonprofit organizations, strategic human resource management in international nongovernmental organizations, and knowledge transfer as a tool for career development in the nonprofit sector. Her academic research has been published in peer-reviewed journals including the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Lecturer Ruth Hansen. Ruth Hansen is a doctoral candidate and recipient of the Ernest R. Wood dissertation fellowship at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. She is an experienced charitable fundraiser and a former board member and officer of the Chicago chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.