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MS in ESH Course Descriptions

Required Courses

SAFETY 701: Research Methods in ESH

3 credits

This course introduces key concepts and skill development in scientific inquiry in Environmental Safety & Health. The course covers: foundations for scientific inquiry, types of research methodology, validity and reliability (biases & error), how to search for and review research literature, basic understanding of statistical significance, and how to develop research question/hypotheses.

SAFETY 712: Disaster Planning and Response

3 credits

This course provides an overview of the organizational processes of preparing for and responding to disasters, both natural and technological.  The course will begin with emergency response planning and preparation, then move into emergency operations and incident management, and conclude with a module on incident investigation and root cause analysis.

SAFETY 753: Environmental Safety & Health Law

3 credits

An examination of federal and state laws with legal interpretations having application to safety professionals and industries will be emphasized. Federal acts, such as OSHA, CPSA and others will be dealt with in respect to their involvement with the industry. Liability to individuals and to the public will be stressed. 

SAFETY 757: Principles of Occupational Epidemiology

3 credits

This course will introduce the principles of occupational epidemiology and discuss the application of these principles in the recognition, control and prevention of disease and injury. The course will review the etiology of various acute, chronic, infectious, occupational and environmental diseases.

SAFETY 779: Advanced Topics in Industrial Hygiene

3 credits

The course will address industrial hygiene topics from the perspective of an ESH manager. Topics include adjustment of occupational exposure limits for various working conditions, alternative methods of assessment, emergency response, and comprehensive health and safety program management. Professional issues including leadership, risk communication, and ethics will also be discussed.

SAFETY 783: Environmental and Safety Management

3 credits

This course reviews the foundational research literature on systems and risk-based approaches to ESH program design and management. National and international ESH management standards and data sources are discussed. Emphasis is given to data-driven efforts to improve ESH performance.

SAFETY 784: Advanced Ergonomics

3 credits

Study of methods for job and workstation analysis aiming at the identification, characterization and mitigation of ergonomic hazards. Review of common musculoskeletal disorders, their etiology, epidemiology and prevention. Examination of high-risk industries and their specific needs. Selection and application of appropriate methods to different settings and industries.

SAFETY 787: System Safety Analysis

3 credits

Introduction to the system technique as applied to the recognition of potential accident situations in occupational environments. Concentration will be on the qualitative aspects of safety, utilizing numerous examples and problems.

SAFETY 789: Readings and Research in Safety

3 credits

Under the direction of a faculty member the student will examine current research and professional practices and apply that knowledge to an ESH problem. The course serves as the capstone experience and requires the successful completion of a research paper.

Elective Courses (3 units)

SAFETY 583: Introduction to Security

3 credits

A study of the physical, personnel, and informational aspects of the security field. Concepts of these areas will be integrated with safety management concepts and will be discussed in relationship to industrial and business environments.

SAFETY 650: Behavioral Aspects of Accident Prevention

3 credits

Selected theories of accident causation and countermeasures are studied. Examination of physiological, medical, psychological, and sociological factors which influence behavior, and methods for modifying unsafe behavior. Prereq: Consent of instructor.

SAFETY 790: Workshop

3 credits

Variable topics. Group activity oriented presentations emphasizing 'hands on' and participatory instructional techniques.

SAFETY 796: Special Studies

3 credits

Variable topics. Group activity. Not offered regularly in the curriculum but offered on topics selected on the basis of timeliness, need, and interest, and generally in the format of regularly scheduled Catalog offerings.

SAFETY 798: Individual Studies in Safety

3 credits

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member.

MANGEMENT 751: Staffing and Evaluation

3 credits

An examination of the organization and administration of the personnel function in management. It is concerned with the employment, training, safety and health, employees services, and employee relations functions of personnel administration. Attention is focused on a limited number of topics drawn from these areas so more crucial concepts and methods involved may be dealt with in-depth.

MANGEMENT 753: Training and Development

3 credits

The course will emphasize the theories of Management Training and Development, and the practical application of these theories in today's organizations. Special emphasis will be on current topics in the field of Human Resource Development, including: training self-directed work teams, managing a diverse work force, and the practical application of designing programs in today's environment. This will include actually designing a needs analysis and training evaluation programs. The course will frame the concept of training and development within the applicable theory of adult learning.

MANGEMENT 760: Strategic Management of Human REsources

3 credits

This course examines strategic human resources (HR) management and HR planning. Applicable theories and methods of strategic, operational, and tactical planning and their relationship to HR management are covered, as well as the multiple roles HR plays in assisting organizations to gain and sustain competitive advantages in a fast-paced environment.


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