Multicultural Business Programs

The Program

MBP is a specialized support program, and a cooperative effort between the College of Business & Economics, campus Academic Support Programs, and industry. Opportunities to participate in monthly student seminars as well as training and development sessions featuring minority business executives and business faculty is an integral part of the MBP concept.

The early identification of academically talented minority students for participation in summer internships and scholarship opportunities is a major benefit to students who participate in the program. In addition, students who actively participate in MBP interact and develop supportive relationships with other business majors; discuss current issues confronting professionals in the business arena, and gain insight into the expectations of business professionals.

The Mission

Serving students from Asian, Black, Hispanic, and American Indian backgrounds, the Minority Business Program is specifically designed to provide advising assistance and academic support to undergraduate students with declared majors in business. Encouraging students to "THINK BUSINESS" and "TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS", if they expect to occupy a position in the business profession, the major thrust of the Minority Business Program is to promote the academic success of students majoring in business.

Marketing the success of business majors as well as enhancing students' awareness of existing opportunities in the business profession has increased the numbers of minority students at UW-W who view business as a viable career option; declare business as a major; and are academically successful in the pursuit of a business degree.