MBA Assurance of Learning Objectives and Traits

MBA graduates should be able to:


Traits Course Measurement
1.   Think Globally

1)  Evaluate the impact of culture on business strategies.  

2)  Develop business strategies that adapt to international environments.

Marketing 747: Marketing Strategy [Trait 1]  

Economics 736 or 737: Business Conditions Analysis or Managerial Economics [Trait 2]

2.   Behave Ethically 1)  Apply appropriate theories and models to assess divergent perspectives of ethical dilemmas.

Management 759 or Marketing 766 Social Responsibility of Business or Ethics in the Marketplace [Trait 1]

3.  Innovate

1)   Create strategies and identify structures, and processes that exploit technology for innovative business opportunities and solutions.

ITSCM 745: Strategic Technology and Innovation Management [Trait 1]

4.  Make Strategic Decisions

1)  Generate alternative strategic actions in business situations.  

2)  Choose and defend strategies that sustain competitive advantage.

Management 787: Business Policy and Strategy [Traits 1 and 2]

5.  Think Critically

1)  Define problems in business situations.  

2)  Identify relevant information for making business decisions.  

3)  Analyze quantitative and qualitative information useful in determining actions.

FNBSLW 735: Business Valuation using Financial Statements [Traits 1 and 2]


Marketing 731 - Quantitative Analysis for Business [Trait 3]

6.  Communicate, Negotiate, and Persuade

1)  Develop messages that are appropriate in style, tone, and content for communications situations.

BEINDP 740: Persuasion and Negotiation [Trait 1]

7.  Manage Projects

1)  Plan and allocate resources for completing projects.  

2)  Determine means for evaluating project success.

ITSCM 770: Fundamentals of Project Management [Traits 1 and 2]

8.  Lead

1)  Determine means for leading, evaluating and motivating staff.  

2)  Work effectively in teams.

Management 757: Leadership Development [Traits 1 and 2]

Implemented Fall 2013