MPA Program Policies

There are several important restrictions and policies for MPA students:

  1. In order to enroll in 700 level graduate courses offered in the College of Business and Economics, a student must be enrolled in a graduate degree program. A student with Guest status or with Post Master's status can take 700 level graduate course(s) on a space available basis.
  2. Individual Studies (XXX-798) and/or Readings and Research (XXX-789) may be used as electives. A copy of the proposal must be on file in the Coordinator's Office prior to registration. The student should initiate these requests with the instructor.
  3. Courses in the Common Body of Knowledge must be taken at the beginning of the program. Program and course prerequisites will be rigidly enforced. Failure to comply will result in the student being dropped from the course.
  4. Students who are dropped from the program for academic reasons or who fail to meet the admission requirements are not eligible to pursue further graduate business courses in the M.B.A., M.P.A., or M.S.-Computer Information Systems Programs in the College of Business and Economics.
  5. The maximum course load is 15 graduate credits during fall and spring semesters and 12 credits during the summer term.
  6. Business related course work taken in an applicant's undergraduate program where the applicant has graduated more than five years prior to the date of admission to Graduate School may not be considered as satisfactory in meeting Common Body of Knowledge requirements.
  7. Candidates who have not enrolled in a graduate course at UW-Whitewater within two consecutive terms must conform to any new requirements in the program at the time they are reactivated.
  8. Within the confines of the Constitution of the Graduate Faculty and the policies and procedures adopted by the Graduate Council, the Graduate Studies Committee in the College of Business and Economics is the final governing authority on all policy and procedural matters in the Graduate Business Program.

These policies are subject to change at any time without notification.