Online BBA - General Business Major

Career Possibilities

  • Management Trainee
  • Loan Officer
  • Sales Agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Underwriter
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Small Business Owner
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Retail Store Manager


A minimum of 120 credits are required to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  Of those 120 credits, a minimum of 30 credits must be completed through UW-Whitewater. The number of courses needed for completion of the program depends on the number of transfer credits awarded and fulfillment of the university and degree coursework requirements.  Official degree requirements are listed in the UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Catalog. Students are required to complete 20 hours of community service prior to enrollment in MANGEMNT 489. For more information including community service forms please visit the community service webpage.


In addition to the major requirements, the Bachelor of Business Administration covers a wide range of busines topics, including:

  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Use the Course List below to find course information, including course descriptions and prerequisites.

Use the Long Range Schedule of Classes to see when courses are offered. 

Course List

BBA Degree Unique Requirements - 15 credits

BEINDP 101 Business and Society (3 cr.)

ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3 cr.)

ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 cr.)

MATH 143 Finite Math for Business & Social Science (3 cr.) If you have completed a college level calculus course, this requirement may be waived.

International Course (3 cr.) Can be satisfied by an international course in the major or as a general education elective.

Lower Division Business Requirements - 15 credits

These courses require 24 credits and a 2.50 combined GPA.

ACCOUNT 244 Intro to Financial Accounting (3 cr.)

ACCOUNT 249 Managerial Accounting (3 cr.)

BEINDP 288 Career Information (1 cr.)

BEINDP 290 Business Writing (2 cr.)

ECON 245 Business Statistics (3 cr.)

ITSCM 280 Introduction to Information Systems (3 cr.)

Upper Division Business Core - 18 credits

These courses require admission to the upper division business courses. Admission to the upper division courses requires completion of the lower division courses, 54 credits and a 2.80 combined GPA.

FNBSLW 341 Business Law (3 cr.)

FNBSLW 344 Business Finance (3 cr.)

ITSCM 306 Operations Management (3 cr.)

MANGEMNT 301 Organizational Behavior (3 cr.)

MARKETING 311 Marketing Principles(3 cr.)

MANGEMNT 489 Administrative Policy (3 cr.)

General Business Major - 24 credits


GROUP 1-Project Management and Business Planning (3 cr.)

ITSCM 385 Project Management: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools (available online)

MANGEMNT 386 Entrepreneurship: Business Feasibility (available online)

ITSCM 460 Project Management and Enterprise Resource Planning

MARKETNG 400 Innovation and Technology Marketing

SAFETY 483 Occupational Safety Management 

GROUP 2-Legal Issues and Risk Management (3 cr.)

 FNBSLW 443 Labor Law (available online)

 FNBSLW 446 Insurance (available online)

 FNBSLW 348 Real Estate

 SAFETY 453 Fundamentals of Environmental Law 

GROUP 3-Broad Economic Issues (3 cr.)

ECON 353 Economics of Labor Markets and Policies

ECON 354 Money and Banking (available online)

ECON 356 Public Finance

ECON 360 Growth and Development in the World Economy

ECON 404 History of Economic Thought

GROUP 4-Social Responsibility (3 cr.)

ECON 471 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

FNBSLW 455 Corporate Governance and Administrative Law

MANGEMNT 366 Social Responsibility (available online)

SAFETY 420 Principles of Environmental Management 

GROUP 5-Interpersonal/Supvisory/Management Skills

MANGEMNT 320 Human Resource Management (available online)

MANGEMNT 369 Leadership in Management (available online)

MANGEMNT 486 Supervisory Management

MARKETING 312 Principles of Selling (available online) 

SAFETY 450 Behavioral Aspects of Accident Prevention (available online) 

General Business Electives-select 9 credits from 300/400 level courses in Accounting, Economics, Finance, ITSCM, Management, Marketing, and Safety not used to fulfill group requirements.

Communication and Calculation Skills - 13 credits

ENGLISH 101 Freshman English (or waiver) (3 cr.)

ENGLISH 102 Freshman English (3 cr.)

COMM 110 Introduction to Human Communication (3 cr.)

MATH 141 Fundamentals of College Algebra (4 cr.)

University Requirements - 32 credits

Lab Science Course (4 cr.)

Math (3-6 cr.) Can include MATH 143 which is a business requirement

GENED 110 World of the Arts (3 cr.)

GENED 120 Historical Perspectives OR

 GENED 140 Global Perspectives (3 cr.)

GENED 130 Individual and Society (3 cr.)

GENED 390 World of Ideas (3 cr.)

PEGNRL 192 Personal Health and Fitness for Life (1 cr.)


Electives to bring the total to a minimum of 120 credits. Select 8 to 12 credits of additional electives designated GA, GE, GH, GI, GP or GS.

U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity Requirement - 3 credits

Course may be used to satisfy requirements in other areas including General Education

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