Master of Business Administration - Why choose online delivery?

Students choose online courses over face-to-face courses for many different reasons.  Online delivery is more convenient for students who are physically located too far from campus, who like to work independently, or who have schedules preventing them from attending traditional classes. 

What to expect in an online MBA course:

  • Faculty lectures recorded in a state-of-the-art media studio
  • High levels of student/faculty interaction
  • The ability to study when it is most convenient for your schedule
  • The same education quality as face-to-face courses
  • Technical support dedicated to online MBA students

Online MBA courses in the College of Business and Economics are taught only by professors with earned doctorates.  These individuals are all full-time faculty at UW-Whitewater who consistently publish research in their fields.  And because the faculty and classes meet the same high standards for online as face-to-face courses, your transcript will not indicate whether your degree was in the classroom, online, or a mix of the two methods.

What online tools does UW-Whitewater use?

As a student in online MBA classes, you will be using a common Internet platform for all your classes—Desire 2 Learn (D2L).  This learning tool will guide you through a course by giving you a “news” feature as you open the pages and then a content area where all your class objectives, syllabi, materials, assignments, and links to video materials and lectures will be ordered in sequential modules. 

Another tab in D2L will give you a discussion area where you will work with other students over a period of days analyzing cases or other assignments in a group setting.  You will upload papers through a drop box feature.  Some professors will use the online quiz area to test your knowledge and provide you with practice exams.  Your professor will record your grades in an easy-to-use gradebook page, and you and your classmates will be able to upload photos and personal information that you might like to share with the class as a whole in a profile section. 
We have created some training videos to show you how online classes work.  Take a few minutes to view the overview video.

But are online courses right for you?
Online courses can work for many students, just as physical, on-site classroom instruction can. Taking an online course is different from taking a face-to-face course, but online courses are certainly not “less” than traditional classroom courses.

To see if online classes are right for you, answer these questions:

  • Do you like to work independently?
  • Do you need convenience and an adjustable schedule?
  • Are you comfortable asking for clarification and continuing to ask when you need more information?
  • Are you comfortable working at a computer?
  • Would you feel at ease in calling or e-mailing your instructor if you had problems with anything in the course?

Did you answer "yes" to most of these questions? Then online courses may be for you. Even if you can see some problems with working independently and online, you may be able to do very well in the program; however, you will need to work more deliberately at staying in touch with your instructor and classmates. UW-Whitewater faculty are known for their student-orientation, and this characteristic carries through to our online courses.

Do you have questions?

Associate Dean Paul Ambrose,, will be able to provide you with additional information about the online MBA degree.