3rd Annual UW-Whitewater Institute for Sales Excellence All-Campus Sales Competition

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  • Improve your communication and persuasion skills
  • Network with sales professionals
  • Enhance your resume
  • $3,000 of PRIZE MONEY!

The competition is free and open to all UW-W students.

Register Online Here    September 15, 2014 - September 26, 2014

Competition Basics:

Preliminary Rounds 1 & 2

1st Round:            Leave a 60 second voice message for a potential client

Each competitor will read from a prepared script and judges will listen to the voicemail and assign scores based on voice quality, flow, preparation, and tone. Everyone will be reading from the same script.

2nd Round:            Call the potential client to make an appointment for an in-person meeting

Each competitor will call the potential client who they previously contacted via the phone message. This time, the potential client will answer and you will have to try and convince them to meet with you in-person. They may say they are too busy or that they aren't interested so you'll have to be ready with an answer for their brush-offs. Calls will be judged on the same criteria as in Round 1, plus the competitor's ability to respond to objections and to establish rapport. The call should last no more than 5 minutes and you will be calling a Northwestern Mutual professional.

**Highest combined round 1 and 2 scores progress to round 3. Students who competed in rounds 1 and 2 in Fall 2013 may keep their scores or compete again and try to improve on their performance.

Semi-Final and Final Rounds 3 & 4             48 competitors will make it to the semi-finals

3rd Round (Semi-Finals):            Meet with the potential client in-person

This is a fact finder meeting in which you will learn needs and introduce your process. You'll have to be ready to have a conversation with your client and demonstrate a sincere interest in his or her lives/goals. Again, you will be talking with a Northwestern Mutual professional. The meeting should last approximately 15 minutes and you'll be judged on your ability to establish rapport with the client, uncover and discover information/needs most important to the client, prospect with the client for future referrals, and finally, secure the closing meeting. (Materials will be made available to all competitors as well as video of this being role-played by Top Northwestern Sales Representatives, for your preparation).

4th Round (Finals):            Conduct closing meeting, secure sale, and prospect final time.

This is where you show your persuasion skills, confidence, and true conviction/belief that your Northwestern Mutual product recommendations will solve your client's needs and help them achieve their goals. You will also prospect with your client a final time, with the expectation of attaining additional referrals. The follow-up meeting should last no more than 15 minutes and you'll be judged on the criteria from Round 3, your ability to make the sale, and attain referrals.


Round 1:                                              Leave your voicemail anytime between October 1-8

Round 2:                                              Call to set up an appointment between October 15-29

KICK-OFF MEETING for students, faculty, and Northwestern Mutual Professionals: April 9, 5:15 p.m. in Timmerman Auditorium, Hyland Hall

Rounds 3 & 4:                                    Date: TBD

                                                                A.M. -- Meet with your client for the Semi-Final Round

                                                                Free Lunch Banquet

                                                                P.M. - Conduct your follow-up meeting in the Final Round

Gift Card Raffles for all competitors and Cash Prizes for ALL FINALISTS AND TOP SELLERS!



1)      The First and Second Round Script

2)      Basic Information on the Potential Client

3)      Materials you will use to Fact Find your client

4)      More information on Judging Criteria

5)      Information to access the video role play of Rounds 3 and 4

6)      Opportunities to Meet with and Practice with Northwestern Mutual Professionals!

Semi - Final and Final Round Preparation Materials

1)      NM Approach/The basic approach for Round 3 and 4 (Quick Guide)

2)      Northwestern Mutual Introduction Slides/Power Point presentation of the basic approach for Round 3 and 4

3)      Fact Finder Abbreviated/Round 3 Fact Finder-Use this as your Round 3 Template

4)      Product Information for Round 4/Round 4 Product Information-Use this as your Round 4 Template

5)      Pictorial Description of Round 4 discussion points


Introduction to In-Person Competition Rounds

Round 1

Matt's Voice Message Example

Round 2

Matt's Phone Call Example

Round 3

Matt and Eddie Role-Play Example

Matt and Shannon Role-Play Example

Matt and Mike Role-Play Example

Round 4

Matt and Eddie Role-Play Example

Matt and Mike Role-Play Example

Northwestern Mutual

Who is Northwestern Mutual?

What is the Northwestern Mutual Internship?

The Northwestern Mutual Sales Cycle.