Sales Curriculum

The UW-Whitewater Institute for Sales Excellence is housed in the Department of Marketing. Along with Institute programs and activities, the Department of Marketing offers a Professional Selling Emphasis (marketing majors), Professional Selling Minor (any major but marketing), and a Professional Selling Certificate (any major).  To meet the needs of these two curricular options, the Department of Marketing has six faculty involved in the teaching of eight different courses.  Below we introduce the two curricular options and describe the mix of courses.

Professional Selling Emphasis/Minor

The Professional Selling Emphasis (marketing majors) serves marketing students interested in specializing in sales.  Students in the Professional Selling emphasis are required to take Principles of Selling, Sales Management, Business to Business Marketing, Sales Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Entrepreneurial and Advanced Selling Techniques, plus three credits of electives.  The Sales Internship class is recommended, but not required.
The Professional Selling Minor is open to any major (except marketing) at the University, including business majors. Required courses include: Principles of Marketing, Principles of Selling, Sales Management and Entrepreneurial and Advanced Sales Techniques, plus three credits of sales electives and six additional marketing electives.

Professional Selling Certificate

The sales certificate is available to any major at the University, including business majors. It is not a major nor a minor but rather a credential that can be noted on your transcript as a certificate. Required courses include: Principles of Marketing, Principles of Selling and Entrepreneurial and Advanced Sales Techniques, plus three credits of sales electives.

Sales Curriculum

Principles of Selling: A seminar in the art and science of selling. Examined and probed in-depth will be the whys and hows of selling theories, principles, techniques, practices, and the basics of sales force management.

Sales Management: This course examines sales management from a motivational and an institutional perspective. The goal of the course is to examine the elements of operating an effective sales force as the key component to organizational success. Topics include sales force structure, use of technology, and issues in compensating and retaining salespeople.

Business to Business Marketing: An intensive examination of the industrial marketing sector. Emphasis is placed on understanding the unique dimensions of the industrial marketing environment and translating this understanding into effective integrated industrial marketing programs. Attention is given to producer, reseller and government markets.

Sales Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: A combination of art and science, negotiation involves securing agreement between interdependent parties. Topics include analyzing and assessing negotiation scenarios, preparing for a negotiation, power and influence strategies, coalitions, and managing conflict. Role-playing, as a key component of the class, offers students the opportunity to develop their negotiating skills.

Entrepreneurial and Advanced Selling Techniques: Selling is a critical criterion for successful enterprises. This course provides advanced hands-on and practical approaches for selling new products/services, obtaining new customers, launching new enterprises, and creating relationships in other entrepreneurial selling scenarios. Through video and other technologies, students will present interactive solutions for developing strong customer relationships.

Sales Team Practicum: Membership on the UW-Whitewater Sales Team for a year earn students three credits.

Internship in Marketing- Sales Emphasis: This course is a structured supervised work experience within the sales function. The internship experience offers the student an opportunity to merge course work with day-to-day activities in business. Not more than 3 internship credits will apply towards major or minor.

Independent Study/UW-Whitewater Sales Team:Three credits for students competing in national sales competitions.