Bachelors of Business Administration Admission Requirements

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater may declare a business major at any point in their studies.  The minimum combined GPA requirement varies; depending on the amount of credits you have earned.  The requirements are:

  • less than 24 credits=2.0 combined GPA
  • 24-72 credits=2.5 combined GPA
  • 73+ credits=2.8 GPA

To progress towards completion of a business degree, students must have a minimum combined GPA of a 2.5 to be eligible to register for all lower division courses. 

What do I need to be eligible upper division BBA courses?

  • 54 or more completed credits
  • Completed, or to be completed within the next semester:    
    • English 101 and 102
    • Communication 110
    • Math 143
    • Economics 201, 202, and 245
    • Accounting 244 and 249
    • Information Technology 280
    • BEINDP 101 and 290
  • A combined cumulative grade point average of 2.80 or better on a 4.0 scale

What if I don’t meet the grade point average admission requirements?
If your grade point average does not meet these requirements and you have not taken college courses in the last five years, you should ask about our Forgiveness Policy.  

You may also be eligible for admission based on the 8-point formula:
Students who do not meet the 2.8 gpa requirement may be admitted based on an "8 Point" formula. This formula considers the cumulative combined gpa and the gpa earned in the following ten courses:

Communication Skills


Lower Division

ENGLISH 101 English

MATH 143 Finite

ACCOUNT 244 Intro Financial Actg.

ENGLISH 102 English

ECON 201 Micro

ACCOUNT 249 Intro to Managerial Actg.

COMM 110 Speech

ECON 202 Macro

ECON 245 Business Statistics


BEINDP 101 Business and Society

ITSCM 280 Intro Info Systems

The computation is: (2 x combined gpa) + cumulative average gpa of these 10 courses = ________.  If the result is 8 or more, the student will meet the gpa requirement.  This computation is not done until the end of the semester in which the student applies.

Freshman and sophomore-level students may repeat for "No Credit," a maximum of three Business and Economics classes in which grades of "C" were earned to meet this 8 Point criterion. The new grade will not replace the "C," but will be used by the College to determine eligibility for admission.  It will not raise the official combined GPA.

Athletes, veterans, and students receiving financial aid who use this repeat option should check if their eligibility would be affected.

Are you an incoming freshman or sophomore?
Other admission requirements apply for incoming freshmen or students who have not finished their lower level coursework.

Contact an adviser to begin the process of admission.
Why not contact an adviser by sending an email message to
If you are an online student, please contact us before applying through our Admissions Office.  We can be sure you’re headed in the right direction before you go through the admission process. Online students should email or call 262-472-4900.

How do I apply after I have completed BBA advising?
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s admissions page will guide you through the application process and provide application deadlines.