Course Requirements by Level

The following information is a general overview of requirements and priorities at different levels.

Freshman Year (to be scheduled in the following priority):

  • Communication & Calculation and Remedial
  • Unique Requirements
  • University Degree Requirements and Diversity
  • BEINDP 101 - Business & Society

Sophomore Year (to be scheduled in the following priority):

  • Communication and Calculation Requirements
  • Unique Requirements
  • Lower Division Business*
  • University degree requirements and Diversity
  • Electives

*Lower division business courses require a 2.50 combined (Whitewater and transfer credits) grade point average.  Failure to have a 2.50 at the sophomore level results in taking non-business courses to raise the gpa.  This may delay graduation.  As soon as you have 24 credits and a 2.50 gpa, you should register for ACCOUNT 244 Intro to Financial Accounting.

Junior and Senior Years:
After admission to the upper division, you may take upper division core courses and major courses.  The core courses required for all business majors include:

  • FNBLSW 341 Business and Commercial Law
  • ITSCM 306 Operations Management
  • FNBLSW 344 Business Finance
  • MARKETNG 311 Marketing Principles
  • MANGEMNT 301 Organizational Behavior
  • MANGEMNT 489 Administrative Policy

Prerequisites are strictly enforced for all courses.  When scheduling upper division courses, remember that FNBSLW 341, FNBSLW 344, MANGEMNT 301, ITSCM 306, MARKETNG 311, and completion of the community service requirement are prerequisites to MANGEMNT 489.  During the first semester of your junior year, you should take the foundation course for your major, if you meet the prerequisites.

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