How to apply for a Teacher, Pupil Services, or Administration License


Instructions for September 1, 2004 - August 31, 2019 Program Completers

Step 1:  Please submit the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) UWW Application Form to the Winther Hall Information Desk window ( 

Step 2:  Check here to see if you are required to submit fingerprints to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

Step 3:  Check your email approximately one to four weeks after you complete your program (or complete Step 1 - whichever comes later), looking for an email from Jillian Smith, UWW Certifying Officer.  The email will confirm that your endorsement for licensure has been submitted to the DPI. 

Step 4:  After you receive the confirmation email from the UWW Certifying Officer you may begin the DPI ELO application process.  Please note:  Step 1 and Step 3 MUST occur before the DPI ELO system will be ready for you. 

Additional Information:

  • DPI will require UWW to upload your name into ELO before you will be able to submit your license application.
  • In order for UWW to submit your name to ELO, you will have needed to completed Step 1 (see above), have your final grades in, your degree posted (if applicable), your edTPA completed, your human relations requirement completed, and passed any required content exams.
  • You may view your unofficial transcript in WINS if you would like to track when your grades have been posted, your Bachelor's degree posted, and to see if your Human Relations Requirement milestone has been posted.  EVERYTHING must be posted before your name will be submitted to DPI.
  • If all your ducks are in a row, DPI estimates you should be able to complete the online application in approximately 40 minutes.  
  • DPI will require a $125 credit card payment (no PINS are accepted).
  • Once you are applying on DPI's ELO website, if you encounter problems please contact DPI at:
  • To check on the status of your application at DPI once your license application has been submitted by you online, use the ELO Public Search at the Department of Public Instruction.

DPI Licensure Codes

To find out your licensure codes for the State of Wisconsin, use the DPI website.  Find the appropriate major and/or minor and choose the content code.


      1. Research out-of-state requirements before applying for positions out of Wisconsin. Contact the Department of Education in the state you wish to seek employment.
      2. If the out-of-state application form requires an instituional endorsement, you may email the form to:
      3. Once the out-of-state application form has been signed, the application will be emailed or mailed to the person or office the instructions on the form say to return the form to.
      4. If you are applying for both your Wisconsin license and an out-of-state license, submit both applications together.  They will be processed together which will decrease your wait time.


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