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NEW! Foundations of Reading Test

The Office of Field Experiences (OFE) will begin the student teaching placement process for teacher candidates who have submitted passing scores on their content examination tests by March 1st for fall semester placements, and October 1st for spring semester placements. Students who have not passed their content examinations by the March 1st /October 1st deadline should still request placement services upon submission of passing scores to the OFE. However, the OFE makes no guarantee that a placement will be found in time to begin student teaching during the desired semester. Students who find themselves in this situation should seek advising assistance immediately asfailure to meet these deadlines may result in delayed program completion and/or graduation. For student reference, test scores are on your WINS account under test results.

As a result of the Wisconsin Read to Lead Task Force recommendations, a new statutory provision was created in ACT 166. The specific statute 118.19 (14) puts into place a required content test in Foundations of Reading for all GradeK-5 teachers, special education teachers, reading teachers, and reading specialists. Please see the Foundations of Reading Test for Wisconsin Effective 7/15/2013 for additional information.

Beginning on January 31, 2014, candidates in Wisconsin applying for an initial teaching license in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Special Education, Reading Teacher license, and Reading Specialist will be required to take the Foundations of Reading Test (WI-FOR). Passing scores on The Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (WI-FOR) will be required to be endorsed for a Wisconsin Teaching License. The policy for this process is as follows:

Passing scores (see below) on the Wisconsin Foundation of Reading Test (WI-FOR) submitted to the Office of Field Experiences by the current semester deadline established by the OFE.

Applicants who apply for Wisconsin Licensure on or after January 31, 2014 through August 31, 2014:
State Minimum Score:   229

Applicants who apply for Wisconsin Licensure on or after September 1, 2014:
State Minimum Score:  240  

Additional test information, descriptions, and study suggestions can be located at:  http://www.wi.nesinc.com/PageView.aspx?f=GEN_Tests.html

Students can electronically enroll to take the WI-FOR test at:   http://www.wi.nesinc.com/

***The WI-FOR test is now being administered through the UW-W Testing Office every Wednesday evening from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  Please contact the Testing Office at (262) 472-5613 or testing@uww.edu for more information.***

Feel free to contact Lynn Lindahl in the Office of Field Experiences at (262) 472-1123 or fletchel@uww.edu if you have further questions or concerns.

TEST REQUIREMENTS for Admission to Professional Education

Since August 31, 1992, Wisconsin has required the Praxis I PPST series basics skills tests in reading, writing, and mathematics.  These will continue to be the Standardized Tests approved by the state superintendent until August 31, 2014, at such time all Wisconsin Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) will use CORE Tests

Beginning September 1, 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is allowing Wisconsin Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) to use the following three college entrance tests as the standardized test of communication skills required for admission to EPPs. The state superintendent has approved the usage and set passing scores for the following three tests: ACT, SAT, and GRE.

Students may apply for Admission to Professional Education beginning Fall 2013 using passing scores from either the PPST (Praxis I), ACT, SAT, or GRE.

Praxis I, Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST)

PPST Test 
Wisconsin Passing Score
PPST Reading (0710/5710) 175
PPST Writing (0720/5720) 174
PPST Math (0730/5730) 173
  • If you wish to take all three Praxis I (PPST) exams at the same time, select Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test: Combined Test (0750/5750) when registering with ETS.  Scores, however, will be reported by individual test (0710/5710, 0720/5720, 0730/5730).
  • Please note: In general, test codes that begin with "5" are delivered in computer format; codes that begin with "0" are delivered on paper.

The ACT Test

College Entrance Test Wisconsin Passing Score
The ACT Test

Composite Score of 23

with minimum score of 20 on 
English, Math, and Reading

Only accept scores from previous 5 years

The SAT Test

College Entrance Test Wisconsin Passing Score
The SAT Test

Composite Score of 1070

with minimum score of 450 on Math and Verbal

Only accept scores from previous 5 years

The GRE Revised General Test

College Entrance Test Wisconsin Passing Score
The GRE revised General Test

Composite Score of 298

with minimum score of 150 on Verbal and 145 on Math

After 8/11/2011 Only accept scores from previous 5 years

Beginning September 1, 2014, all Wisconsin EPPs will use CORE Tests

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) Tests

CORE Test Wisconsin Passing Score
CORE Reading (5712) 156
CORE Writing (5722) 162
CORE Mathematics (5732) 150

General Testing Information

This information refers to both the PPST and the Praxis II test.

Test Dates/Registration Information

PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test), or Praxis I

The PPST is required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and is part of the Praxis I Series published by Educational Testing Service (ETS). It is an academic skills (reading, writing, mathematical) assessment designed to be taken early in your college career to measure the basic academic skills vital to all teacher candidates.
Copies of the test manuals and a previous test are on reserve in the lower level of the library. Books of sample tests are available for purchase at the University Bookstore (262/472-1280). Academic Support Services (262/472-1114) and the Minority Teacher Preparation Program (262/472-3216) administer practice tests at the beginning of each semester and offer test preparation services.
The reading, writing, and mathematical assessments are available in two formats:The paper-based tests in reading and mathematics are one-hour multiple-choice tests. The writing test includes both a 30-minute multiple-choice and a 30-minute essay section. These paper-based test are administered on selected Saturday mornings from 8:00 AM to 12:15 PM by the UWW Testing Center (262/472-5613) at least four times each year (requires one month advance reservation). Students are required to pay "ETS-Praxis I Series" for the tests (this is done online during the registration process). Information about registering for the paper-based test is available in the Testing Center, which is located in Roseman 2042 or at the Winther Hall Information Desk.
The computer-based tests in reading, mathematics, and writing contain computer-delivered questions that require selecting single responses, highlighting or providing a constructed response. Computer-based PPST is offered on a daily basis at specific testing sites. Each testing session is two hours to allow sufficient time for tutorials on computer use, the test itself and the collection of background information for score reporting The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) determines passing scores on each of the three tests. Official scores are received in approximately eight weeks from the UW-Whitewater test sites and in approximately four weeks from the individual testing sites. Students who fail one or more of the tests may make additional attempts to achieve a satisfactory score. Even though the College of Education & Professional Studies should receive verification of the scores, it is the student's responsibility to keep original scores. UW-Whitewater does not archive PPST scores.

Praxis II

Praxis II Content Test: Useful information for students and their education advisors

      • PART ONE:     General information on preparing for the Praxis II Content Test
      • PART TWO:    Preparing to re-take the Praxis II Content Test
      • PART THREE:  Options for students who have not passed the Praxis II Content Test

Praxis II Deadlines for student teachers (full semester), graduate practicums, and/or inservice practicum placements for SPRING 2011, FALL 2011, SPRING 2012, FALL 2012, SPRING 2013 (Date of publication: July 30th, 2012)

Content Examination Type and Passing Scores For Specific License Areas

To receive the test number for your program, please look at your Admission to Professional Education acceptance packet. The accurate test is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of your accepted application. Accurate test numbers will not be given over the phone. In order to obtain a copy of the "Test At A Glance" for your discipline, go to the ETS website (www.ets.org/praxis/). Under "For Test Takers" click on "Prepare for a Test." Click on the name or number of test that will be used for your discipline.