Application Forms for Admission

For students seeking their first teaching license, please follow the Admission Requirements. Application forms (links below) will be available during the deadline dates each Admission cycle. (Forms are typically "up and live" by the Sunday evening before the beginning admission date.)

Summer 2016 Continuous Admission has concluded

(Monday, June 20th at 8:00 AM - Monday, August 15th by 4:00 PM)

** Results will be available at the Winther Hall Information Desk window within 1-2 weeks from submitting an application.  Applicants will be notified by UW-W e-mail when results are ready for retrieval.  A photo ID is required to pick up results. **

(During Summer Admission only, you may include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and results will be mailed to you.  IMPORTANT: Please be sure your mailing address in WINS is up-to-date.) 

Note: Students who hold a degree must furnish photocopies of ALL previous transcripts.

Early Childhood (only admits in the fall)
Early Childhood (ECE4U) Online Cohort (only admits in the summer)
Elementary/Middle (only admits in the fall and spring)
Physical Education
Social Studies
Special Education
World (Foreign) Language

Special Applications

Application Form for Licensed Teachers (pdf) (Green Form)
To be used by fully licensed teachers (provisional license, substitute, aide, and/or intern licenses are not considered to be fully licensed teachers).

Special Application (pdf) (Red Form)
To be used by students who are not seeking licensure from UW-Whitewater but still need to take upper level education courses.