Specific Requirement Information

Praxis PPST and/or CORE
Foundations Block
Number of Credits

PRAXIS PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test) and/or CORE

Beginning September 1, 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is allowing Wisconsin Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) to use the following three college entrance tests as the standardized test of communication skills required for admission to EPPs. The state superintendent has approved the usage and set passing scores for the following three tests: ACT, SAT, and GRE. Students may apply for Admission to Professional Education beginning Fall 2013 using passing scores from either the PPST (Praxis I), ACT, SAT, or GRE.

***Effective September 1, 2014, ETS  will administer the computer-based Praxis CORE tests in place of the PPST (Praxis I) in Wisconsin.  Students may still use qualifying PPST (Praxis I) scores September 1, 2014 and after, but will no longer be able to take the exam. Students may use a combination of PPST (Praxis I) and Praxis CORE subtests with passing scores.  Please note: Wisconsin passing scores for these exams differ (see below).***

The Praxis CORE is an academic skills (reading, writing, mathematical) assessment designed to be taken early in your college career to measure the basic academic skills vital to all teacher candidates.

The ETS website provides free "study companions" for each CORE test and low-cost interactive practice tests.  You may also use study materials from the previous test, Praxis I PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test), as the same academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics are measured.  

The Praxis CORE tests are delivered only by computer on a continuous appointment basis throughout the year.  

The Praxis CORE tests may be taken separately or as one combined test. Scores are reported individually for reading, writing, and mathematics. If taken separately, each test session lasts approximately two hours. If taken all in one sitting, the entire Praxis CORE session will last about five hours. Each test session includes time for tutorials and collection of background information.  

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) determines passing scores on each of the three tests.


Mathematics 150
Writing 162
Reading 156


Mathematics 173
Writing 174
Reading 175

Official scores are received several weeks after the close of the testing window during which you complete the CORE tests. Students who fail one or more of the tests may make additional attempts to achieve a satisfactory score. Students who fail one or more parts of the test may retake any or all parts of the Praxis CORE. Tests may be taken once every 21 days, not including your initial test date. (Note: if you take the combined CORE test, you cannot retake an individual CORE test until after the 21-day period.) This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. Even though the College of Education and Professional Studies should receive verification of the scores, it is the student's responsibility to keep original scores. UW-Whitewater does not archive scores.

Foundations Block

Note."Not required for Early Childhood Dual Licensure majors *"

To register for the Foundations Block, you must go to the Educational Foundations office at Winther Hall room 6035 or contact the Educational Foundations office at (262)-472-1380.

Waivers or substitutions of the Foundations Block courses must be on official forms and signed by your advisor. If the Foundation Block is waived or substituted, a copy of the official form must be attached to your Professional Education application before being considered for admission.

Pass each course (with "C"/"S" or better) or concurrent enrollment in each course of the Foundation Block.

EDFOUND 212 Educational Psychology OR
EDFOUND 222 Child Development


EDFOUND 243 Foundations of Education in a Pluralistic Society


EDFNDPRC 210 Introduction to Education and Teaching

(NOTE: Students accepted into Professional Education while enrolled in the Foundations Block courses must successfully complete the Foundations Block Courses with a "C"/"S" or better. Failure to do so will result in removal from Professional Education and pre-registered courses requiring Professional Education admission will be dropped.) Concurrent enrollments mean that you are currently taking the course - not pre-registered!

Prerequisites to register for Pre-Professional Foundation Courses:

  • COMBINED Cumulative grade point average of 2.75
  • Completed a minimum of 12 credits that would be accepted by UWW as degree credits or hold a baccalaureate degree
  • Attendance at a Phase I College of Education and Professional Studies Program Requirements meeting
  • Passed 2 of the 3 sections of PPST and/or CORE or qualifying ACT, SAT, or GRE scores

Procedures to register for Foundations Block Courses:

  • Verify that PPST and/or CORE scores (if applicable) appear on your Unofficial Transcript. If they do not, contact 262-472-1184 or take verification of your scores to the College of Education and Professional Studies Information Desk (Winther Hall lobby area)
  • Verify that the Phase I meeting appears on your Unofficial Transcript.  If it does not, contact 262-472-1585 or visit Phase Meetings to view the meeting.
  • Contact Educational Foundations Department (262-472-1380) to receive entry approval for the course(s)
  • If you are not enrolling in all three courses of the Foundations Block Courses during the same semester, you must wait until priority registration ends before obtaining clearance to register.

Additional information regarding the Foundations Block is available at Foundations Block.


To be eligible for admission to Professional Education, students must pass COMM 110 (with "C"/"S" or better) or be concurrently enrolled in Communication/speech or its equivalent. Waivers or substitutions for COMM 110 must be on official  forms and signed by the Communication Department for typical undergraduates. Students who hold a bachelor's degree can obtain official approval from their licensure advisor.

NOTE: Communication/Speech is not an admission eligibility requirements for Dual Licensure- Early Childhood

Concurrent enrollment means that you are currently taking the course - not pre-registered! (NOTE: Students accepted into Professional Education while enrolled in Communication (or Speech) must successfully complete Communication with a "C"/"S" or better. Failure to do so will result in removal from Professional Education and pre-registered courses requiring Professional Education admission will be dropped.)

See the University Catalog/Schedule of Classes for information about waivers, if applicable.


Students are required to maintain a 2.75 GPA based on a minimum of 40 credits or a 2.75 GPA on all credits furnished for those who hold a baccalaureate degree. (2.75 GPA on 30 credits for Early Childhood majors.)  This is the COMBINED Cumulative GPA found toward the beginning of the Academic Advisement Report (AAR). Combined cumulative GPA refers to all credits earned either as an undergraduate and graduate from student at any post-secondary institution.

Number of Credits

All initial licensure programs except Early Childhood: A minimum of 40 credits must be completed prior to applying to Professional Education.

Early Childhood majors:  A minimum of 30 credits must be completed prior to applying to Professional Education.