Frequently Asked Questions


What are the procedures for licensure applications?
 Turn in all initial applications completely filled out to the Winther Hall Information Desk 2031.

Where can I get a licensure application?
 Go to the DPI website and select the correct application. The applications have changed from the past and there is no longer only one application for every different kind of license.

What transcripts do I need to attach to my licensure application? 
Only attach bachelor degree transcripts from schools other than UW-Whitewater. We will print off your UW-Whitewater transcripts from WINS. Transfer transcripts are required only if coursework does not show up on UW-W transcript.

Where do renewal licensure applications go?
 They go directly to DPI (Department of Public Instruction). No signature is needed from UW-Whitewater for renewals.

How long does it take to process my licensure application?
 The standard processing time for the College of Education to process applications varies between 4 and 6 weeks from the date the application is received and all information is complete including posting of all grades and degrees. DPI can then take an additional 4-6 weeks. For new graduates: After all the grades are entered and your degree is posted, we focus only on license applications. Licenses are processed for new graduates within one week after grades and degree are posted. After the initial licensure rush for new graduates, we return to the standard processing time of 4 to 6 weeks.

Applying to Professional Education

What are the requirements for applying? 
See the Professional Education checklist.

How can I apply as an exception?
 You may apply during regular admission periods as an 'Exception' if you have only passed 2 parts of the PPST, or do not have the required 2.75 GPA. You cannot be missing both the GPA and PPST. No exceptions are granted during 'Continuous Admission' periods. To specifically apply as an exception you complete the same form as available on the web.There is no additional paperwork.

How do I find out if I have been admitted to Professional Education?
 Results will be available at the Winther Hall Information Desk with a photo ID on the selected date. For selective dates please see the forms page or the Admission Professional Education home page.


What is CORE?
 The Praxis CORE Academic Skills for Educators is a set of three tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. It is required to enroll in the Foundations Block and to apply for Admission to Professional Education (or students can use qualifying Praxis PPST, ACT, SAT, or GRE scores) .

Where can I take the CORE?
 The CORE is a computer based test which you may take at an ETS testing site near you. Find a test center near you at: There are also online guides and registration information available at the ETS website.