Prospective/First-Year Students

Thank you for your interest in UW-Whitewater and the College of Education and Professional Studies! We are thrilled that you are considering, or have already chosen, UW-Whitewater to pursue your college aspirations! The information below is tailored for prospective and incoming first-year students. There are many ways that you can explore our campus further and prepare for your college experience with us. As you consider attending UW-Whitewater, we also encourage you to learn more about our academic programs

Prospective Students

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Enrolled First-Year Students

All first-year students in our College, except Art, Music, and Theatre education majors, are advised by academic advisors in the Academic Advising and Exploration Center (AAEC).

Art, Music, and Theatre education majors are advised directly by faculty in their major content area beginning their freshman year. If you are unsure of who your academic advisor is, log-in to your WINS account.  Your advisor is listed in the bottom right corner of your student center. It is imperative that students meet with their assigned advisor every semester to develop an academic program plan and learn how to monitor and complete requirements for graduation. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to understand and fulfill the requirements for graduation and licensure, to monitor their course of study, and to take the initiative to seek advising.