Licensed Teachers

If you are a fully licensed teacher holding a valid Wisconsin teaching license through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), such as an Initial, Professional, or Master Educator license, you may be interested in returning to UW-W for an additional teaching license or to renew your current license. Steps are provided below to get you started in this process. Please note an emergency/provisional license, substitute, aide, and/or intern licenses are not considered to be fully licensed teachers.

Financial aid may also be available if you are pursuing an additional teaching license or teacher licensure renewal.  For more information, please contact our Financial Aid Office directly. 

Licensed Teacher Seeking an Additional Teaching License

To add a license, our Licensure Program Coordinators review students' previous completed coursework, field study and student teaching, teaching license(s) and experience, and so on to design a plan for them to gain additional licensure at UW-W for their desired licensure area. 

  • Contact the designated Licensure Program Coordinator for the additional licensure which you are interested. Be sure to provide transcripts of ALL previously completed coursework. If you have questions, you may also contact the College's Advising Coordinator.

  • Once you are admitted to the University and a plan is developed with your Licensure Program Coordinator, you must submit an Application Form for Licensed Teachers (formerly referred to as a the "green" form) with appropriate signatures and materials, including proof of your previous Bachelor's degree and teaching license, to the Winther Hall Information Desk window. This will grant you Admission to Professional Education in order to enroll in education courses. 

Licensed Teacher Renewal

Depending on when you were originally licensed, you will have certain criteria in order to renew your Wisconsin teaching license. This is determined by DPI. 

  • If you are required to complete refresher coursework for license renewal and are interested in taking courses at UW-W, you may apply for admission to the University as a "special student." If your desired course(s) does not have prerequisites, the online registration system (WINS) will allow you to enroll automatically. In order to enroll in courses with prerequisites, you must consult the appropriate department or instructor for permission to enroll. This may require providing proof of your previous Bachelor's degree, completed coursework, and/or teaching license.

  • If you are required to complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP) for license renewal and need assistance, you may consult our Licensure Support Renewal Center

Out-of-State Licensed Teacher

If you hold a valid teaching license in another state and are looking to earn licensure in Wisconsin, you must contact DPI for instructions and outstanding requirements. For more information, we encourage you to review DPI's out-of-state pathway for licensure.