Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is designed to familiarize students with both the content of business course work and methods for effectively teaching such content in K-12 settings. Students will develop skills relevant to evaluating differences in students’ learning styles and levels, and adapting teaching methodologies to instruct more effectively given these differences.

The Business and Marketing Education Graduate Program consists of thirty units of graduate course work and one of the following: (1) a thesis and oral defense plus up to 6 credits approved courses or (2) an additional 6 units of approved courses. At least half of the graduate work in the degree program and at least half of the work in the emphasis must be completed in courses numbered 700 or higher. For the thesis option, 1-3 units of thesis research may be included within the 30 units; however, the number of credits must be determined in advance of registration through consultation with a thesis committee. In addition to meeting these requirements, candidates electing the secondary emphasis must complete and meet all the requirements for licensure to teach business and/or marketing education at the middle and secondary levels.


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General Emphasis

Designed for individuals who hold a business and/or marketing license seeking to further advance teaching preparation.

Secondary Emphasis

Designed for individuals who hold an undergraduate degree and are seeking K-12 Wisconsin licensure in business education. The Secondary emphasis also offers licensure in marketing.

Post-secondary Emphasis

Designed for individuals who are preparing for teaching opportunities at the post-secondary level or are currently teaching at the post-secondary level and are pursuing course work to meet the Wisconsin Technical College System Competencies and Performance Standards.




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