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Dr. Karla Saeger

Program Coordinator

Dr. Saeger is appointed as an Assistant Professor in the College of Education and Professional Studies, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and Coordinator of the Master of Science in Business and Marketing Education Program.  She serves as Director of the Business Education National Hall of Fame, a tribute to those men and women who have made significant contributions to the field of business education.  Prior to her tenure at UW-Whitewater, Dr. Saeger served as an instructor in the College of Education, Business Education Program at Winona State University. 

Dr. Saeger holds an Ed. D. in Higher Education Administration from St. Cloud State University; an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership from Silver Lake College; and a B.S. in Business Management from Silver Lake College.  Her research interests center on the development of critical thinking in undergraduate students, pre-service teachers, and in Career and Technical Education.

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Business and Marketing Education Program is committed to developing highly-qualified and effective teachers in business and marketing education, advancing the teaching and learning of current practicing business and marketing teachers, and supporting post-secondary teaching professionals.  Dr. Saeger is passionate about providing an innovative, theory-based graduate curriculum and strives to embody the highest standards of integrity, accomplishments, and aspirations of teaching professionals.      

John Smith

Professor John C. Smith

Professor Smith is an Associate Lecturer who has been involved in higher education since 1997. After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at UW-Whitewater, he returned in 2006 as a faculty member of the Curriculum and Instruction Department. His professional excellence here at UW-Whitewater centers around the Organization, Administration, and Coordination of Cooperative Programs, Methods of Teaching Marketing Education, and Principles of Career and Technical Education. 

He also supervises teacher candidates in their field experiences. Currently, Professor Smith serves on the Marketing Education and DPI Business and Information Technology Education Advisory Boards. His research focuses on college and career readiness as well as academic achievement from secondary to post-secondary levels with publications in the Business Education Forum and Wisconsin Business Education Journal.

A statement from Professor John Smith

"Secondary business and marketing education teaching jobs are in great demand in the state of Wisconsin!"





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