Praxis II Exam

Who must take the Praxis II Subject Assessment tests?

Under the new PI34 rules now in effect, requirements for taking the Praxis II Subject Assessment tests vary by the teacher education program (Educator Preparation Program) in the state of Wisconsin.  At UW-Whitewater, students seeking lecensure must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA OR pass the Praxis II Subject Assessment test relevant to the license.  More information on the Praxis exam can be found here. It is important to note that if the teacher candidate's GPA in required licensure falls below 3.0, no candidate may be waived from taking the required Praxis II test for their licensure area. This includes all scenarios of program completion including but not limited to:

  • Educators licensed prior to September 2004, returning to complete a license program in a new subject area;
  • Educators licensed prior to September 2004 returning to complete programs to add on age levels that were not covered by their previous licenses;
  • All educators who complete initial licensing programs after August 31, 2004 and all subsequent programs (that require a Praxis II test) they complete;
  • Students completing licensing programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  • Students completing licensing programs as special students.

Educators who complete state approved professional education programs after August 31, 2004 in other states will need to document that they have passed the specific Praxis II test(s) required by Wisconsin in their licensure area(s) to obtain an Initial Educator or Professional Educator License in Wisconsin. A one year non-renewable license with stipulations may be issued to applicants from other states who need to take and pass the appropriate Praxis II test(s).

English to Speakers of Other Language Test

ESL/BE minors must complete the required core courses for the minor with at least a 3.0 GPA OR pass the Praxis II ESL Content Exam (5363) before they can apply for the license.  The English to Speakers of Other Languages test is designed to measure basic pedagogical knowledge within the context of teaching ESL in elementary or secondary schools.  The minimum passing score is 149. The test is 2 hours, with a 30-minute listening section.  The format is multiple-choice questions.  The content categories of the test are:

                                                                                           Number and percentage of questions
Foundations of Linguistics 22 (18%)
Foundations of Language Learning 26 (22%)
Planning and Implementing Instruction 28 (23%)
Assessment and Evaluation 18 (15%)
Culture 13 (11%)
Professionalism and Advocacy 13 (11%)

For a test description and sample questions with answers see Preparation Materials.   

You may also purchase study guides from the ETS website.

Study Tips to Help Prepare

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When Are the Tests Offered?

The ETS website has listed test centers and dates for upcoming tests. Students may take the Praxis II exam at any location in the state that offers the test. If your first choice is full, you will automatically be assigned to a test center within 125 miles of your first choice. 

How Do I Register to Take the Test?

On-line registration: This is the fastest and easiest way to confirm available dates and receive immediate confirmation. Registration deadlines are approximately one month prior to the test date.

Cost: See Test and Service Fees