Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take?

The Bachelors of Science of Education Degree is a four-year (eight semester) program. An additional semester of Directed (Student) Teaching is required for the Bachelors of Science of Education Degree with licensure. Elementary Education-BSE 4 year plan. If you already hold a Bachelors's Degree the program will take about two years (four semesters) with an additional semester for Directed (Student) Teaching. For those who already hold a Wisconsin teaching license the time is dependent on individual circumstances.

What grade levels will I be licensed to teach?

You will be licensed to teach children ages about six to about 12/13. This correlates to grades one through eight/nine. This does not include kindergarten licensure.

Is a minor required with this licensure?

Yes. For post-bacs, the major or minor of the post-bac degree may satisfy the minor requirement. The major or minor must be an approved major or minor at UW-Whitewater. Undergraduate minors can be found here.

What if I think I have already taken a course that will satisfy a UW-Whitewater graduation requirement or a required course for licensure?

Those students who do not hold a post-bac degree will have their transcripts reviewed for course equivalency by Admissions at UW-Whitewater. Those who have a post-bac degree will have their transcript(s) reviewed by the Elementary Education: MCEA Licensure Coordinator for course equivalency.

What are the high-demand areas?

Middle-level teaching positions and males in elementary teaching positions. The current high-demand minor areas are in Mathematics, Science, Special Education, ESL/BE and Urban Education.

What are my chances of obtaining a teaching position?

MC/EA teaching positions are highly competitive. The number of applications for one MC/EA teaching position can range from 300 to 1,000. Having a minor in a high-demand area could increase your chance of obtaining an MC/EA teaching position.

Is it possible to complete MC/EA licensure completely online?

No. Some of the MC/EA licensure courses are taught online or as a hybrid course.