Graduate Program

The CACREP-accredited Counselor Education program at UW-Whitewater provides graduate-level training that prepares students to provide counseling in a variety of settings. The primary purpose of the program is to help students become effective professional counselors. The program is designed to help students achieve competencies required by regulatory bodies such as the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the Wisconsin Department of Instruction, employing agencies, and professional organizations.

Students choose an emphasis in clinical mental health counseling or school counseling:

  • Clinical mental health counseling (60 credit hours). Students who choose this emphasis go on to work in a variety of settings, including community mental health centers, social service agencies, and inpatient facilities. Within this emphasis, students can elect to take courses in a specialty area such as alcohol and other drug counseling, career counseling, and marriage/ partnership and family counseling.
  • School counseling (51 credit hours). Designed for those who plan to become counselors in elementary, middle, or secondary schools. Students in this emphasis complete all core counseling courses as well as three specialized courses. The program is open to both current teachers and non-teachers.

In each emphasis, students develop knowledge and skills in both the science and the art of counseling. The curriculum encompasses three types of learning: academic, experiential, and personal development. Experiential learning includes clinical classes, a one-semester supervised practicum in the Winther Counseling Lab on campus, and a two-semester supervised internship in the field.

For more information on the UW-Whitewater Counselor Education department, consider attending an information session. Dates and registration information are available here.


Some specifics...

2015 - Two emphases are available in our program ... Clinical Mental Health Counseling (with numerous specialties within) and School Counseling

2015 Graduation Specifics

Total Graduates 43
Community Emphasis     30
Higher Education Emphasis 1
School Counseling Emphasis 12

**Note that we are in transition to the Clinical Mental Health Emphasis (Community Emphasis no loger offered)

High pass rates on licensing examinations

  • In 2014, 88% of graduates passed the NCE  
  • Also in 2012, 100% of School Counseling graduates passed the Praxis II Exam

Job Outlook

  • 90% of program graduates who responded to a survey and were actively seeking a job are now employed


  • Approximately 120 students are currently enrolled in the program 
  • Approximately 45 students are selected each year to join our program
  • 90% of students accepted complete the program in the expected time period
  • Full-time students typically graduate in 3 years
  • Part-time students typically graduate in 4-5 years

Most recent survey data from interns and their site supervisors: