List of Courses Fifth Semester

During the fifth semester in the program all students take the same classes as listed below:

Course Title Course Number Credits
Integrated Curriculum for Children, 6-8 EDUINDP 452 3
Motor Programming for Early Childhood PEPROF 327 2
Leadership in Early Childhood Education EDUINDP 453 2
Mathematical Concepts Development in ECE EDUINDP 449 3
Field Study: Ages 3 Through 8 EDUINDP 443 1
Reflective Seminar: Phase 3 EDUINDP 451 1
Early Literacy Intervention Strategies READING 461 3

Students enrolled in EDUINDP 452 also enroll in EDUINDP 443 - completing the fieldwork with children between the ages of six and eight. Arrangements for fieldwork take place during EDUINDP 452 classes.