List of Courses Second Semester

During the second semester in the program students (in Cohort 6 and beyond) take the same classes as listed below:

*World of Ideas, a required university general studies course, can be taken once a student has reached junior status (60 credits). Students in the Early Childhood Program should look through the following schedule of courses and decide which semester works for them to include this course. This course can also be taken during summer or Winterim (check timetable for offerings).

Course Title Course Number Credits
Language Development & Disorders COMDIS 355 3
Formal Assessment of Young Children SPECED 461 3
Working with I/T and Their Families EDUINDP 322 3
Evidence-Based Early Interv. for Infants and Toddlers SPECED 365 2
Reflective Seminar (Assessment) EDUINDP 323 1
Emergent Literacy & Beginning Reading READING 361 3
Integrated Curriculum for Children, 3-5 EDUINDP 320 3
Field Study: Ages 3 Through 8 EDUINDP 443 1

NOTES: Students enrolled in EDUINDP 320 also enroll in EDUINDP 443 - completing the fieldwork with children between the ages of three and five.  Arrangements for fieldwork take place during EDUINDP 320 classes.