List of Courses Sixth Semester

All students are enrolled in the following courses:

Course Title Course Number Credits
Directed Teaching C: Consultation in Early Childhood EDUINDP 461 6
Directed Teaching D: Children 5 Through 8 Years EDUINDP 462 6
Reflective Seminar - Phase 4 Portfolio EDUINDP 465 1

For student teachers in Ecuador, an additional course is: Culture and People of Ecuador (EDUINDP 490 Workshop, 3 credits)

Students are encouraged to take Employment Strategies during one of their last two semesters.

Prior to their full semester of student teaching, students must document that they have completed training in First Aid and CPR.  Documentation of completion must be given to the program coordinator.

Additional University or PI 34 Requirements as listed on the Advising Report:
In addition to the courses listed here for the Early Childhood major, students also have courses, which are required as part of general studies at the university and those required by the Department of Public Instruction (PI 34).  It is each student's responsibility to remain abreast of the courses needed outside of the major and to seek assistance when necessary either from her/his advisor or the College of Education and Professional Studies Advising Center.  For some students, it may be necessary to take courses in the summer or during Winterim in order to complete requirements outside of the major.