Dear Students, Early Childhood Practitioners, and Administrators:

Two years after the Early Childhood Education program was launched at UW-Whitewater (which was in 2001), faculty members sat down to outline the first handbook with post-it notes, scraps of paper, and minutes from our program meetings at hand. Robin Fox wrote the first handbook. On an annual basis, the program coordinators create an up to date version that is made available online through the College of Education and Professional Studies, Early Childhood Education Program website.

This handbook is a working document; and in order to add new information as quickly as possible, we will not make the handbook available as a hard copy. As questions arise in the classroom pertaining to policies or in the field regarding the out-of-classroom experiences, we want to be able to include the updated information quickly in an on-line version rather than making changes to a hardcopy once a year.

We expect that all students who are admitted to this program are aware of the specific requirements and experiences. Therefore, each student will be required to read this handbook upon entering the program following an initial advising session. Students will be informed of any changes that are made in the requirements of the program through additions and deletions to the handbook, which will be brought to their attention by faculty members.

Feedback about the Early Childhood Program and specifically this handbook is welcome from students, cooperating teachers, administrators, and other members of the university community. Please, contact the program coordinator.

Thank you in advance for reading this document and offering your feedback. We know that our program is only as strong as the partnerships we build in the community and throughout the university with students and other colleagues.

The University of Wisconsin Early Childhood Education Program Faculty