**Placement Requirements for all ECE4U Field Experiences

Health and TB Skin Tests 
The physical exam can be conducted by the student's physician or at no charge at the University Health and Counseling Services. The TB skin test can be completed at the University Health and Counseling Services for a nominal fee. Students must keep copies of health/TB skin test results as they are valid for more than one placement.

The health form and TB skin test results can be provided by the health care professional or the following Staff Health Form - Child Care Provider (CFS 54) can be downloaded here.

Background Checks
The criminal background checks are completed every time and before a student begins student teaching (date of background can be no more than 4-5 months of the start date). There is a fee for the criminal background check and this fee must be paid directly to the Office of Field Experiences when submitting the criminal background check form.

The results of the background checks are sent directly to the placements and directors make decisions whether or not to allow students to have placements based on the contents of the background checks. Students should be aware that the background checks include convictions, traffic violations, and dismissals.

Since students have the incredible opportunity to be in the field every semester they need to have reliable transportation. There are a few instances when students may be able to car pool with other students but those opportunities are not the norm. The faculty wants students to have diverse placements and this is not possible within a few mile radius of UW-Whitewater. Each student should expect to have at least one student teaching placement in or near Madison and one in or near Milwaukee or another urban area including Beloit, Racine, or Kenosha.

Please understand that students are not allowed to begin student teaching placements unless all of the necessary paperwork has been completed.

** Students currently employed in a center or school program may not need additional tests or background checks. Documentation maybe requested from placements sites.