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Foundations Block

Students take the Foundations Block courses prior to applying to the College of Education and Professional Studies.  Students are part of a cohort group experience that includes three courses in the social and psychological foundations of education and a fieldwork placement in a diverse school. For more information about the fieldwork placement, see below.

Foundations Block Courses

EDFNDPRC 210: Introduction to Education and Teaching

EDFOUND 243: Foundations of Education in a Pluralistic Society

EDFOUND 222: Child Development (Elementary & Special Education majors)

OR  EDFOUND 212: Educational Psychology (Secondary majors)

Please note: The Physical Education program requires their majors to take EDFOUND 212  and EDFOUND 222 or EDFOUND 230 Introduction to Human Development,  as well as EDFOUND 243 and EDFNDPRC 210 to complete their Foundations Block.

Eligibility Requirements

All students entering the Foundations Block courses, including undergraduates, transfer students, and baccalaureate degree holding students, must meet all three of the following criteria:

1. Passing scores on at least two sections of the PPST or CORE; or passing scores as designated by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on the ACT, SAT or GRE within the last 5 years.

2. A 2.75 combined GPA (grade point average);  On a minimum of 12 completed credits

3. Complete  Phase 1 online video meeting.

How to Enroll in Your Foundations Block Courses

Once you have met the eligibility requirements shown above, please visit the Educational Foundations Office in Winther Hall Room 6035 to receive permission to enroll in your Foundations Block courses.

Introduction to Education and Teaching

Observation and Participation Fieldwork Component

A central component of the Introduction course is the fieldwork requirement. Students spend 50 hours in a diverse educational setting. These hours partially fulfill the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirement for pre-clinical experiences and human relations.

Most fieldwork placements are in Milwaukee schools, where students spend eight full days in the classrooms. Transportation to the assigned sites is by bus or carpool, as arranged in class.

The Introduction course instructors serve as university supervisors for this fieldwork experience, and cooperating teachers complete evaluations of the students.

Portfolio Component

The College of Education & Professional Studies has a multi-phase portfolio process demonstrating student proficiency on the inTASC Standards. The Foundations Block is where students complete the Phase 2 portfolio for admission to Professional Education. A second component of the Introduction course is the Phase II portfolio. For more information on this portfolio, please see the portfolio guide in the link below.