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School library licensure in Wisconsin requires the 1902 license and a teaching license in another area.  You can earn this in two stages:

  • 1901  (non-renewable)
  • 1902 (renewable)

As you plan your course of action, your personal situation will determine which option for earning the 1902 license is best for you. 

To become a public librarian, your path should be influenced by the type of public library you want to work in.  See the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction site on Wisconsin Public Library Director Certification for more information. 


As an undergraduate you need to decide if you are interested in school libraries or public libraries and then select the appropriate minor.  The school library minor is available to those working on a teaching license.

Those with a Bachelor's Degree

If you have a bachelor's degree, you can choose to work on a master's degree or just take courses for licensure. To be a school librarian in Wisconsin you need to also have a teaching license in another area.