At the end of the coursework for the 902 with stipulations license, each student will do two practicum experiences in two different school libraries.  The goals of these experiences are:

  • Use the new skills and knowledge you have acquired in the coursework;
  • Further develop knowledge and skills in those areas where you have weaknesses;
  • Examine a real-world school library media program and reflect on the experience, tying it back to your own situation if you are already in a school;
  • Develop a relationship with two practitioners; and
  • Further develop your own philosophy of school librarianship.

As many of the students in classes are practicing teachers or library media specialists on emergency licenses, the practicum experiences for this program are set up to provide valuable experiences in two different school libraries, one at the elementary and one at the secondary level, while allowing the student to relate the experience directly back to his or her own workplace and complete the experience with the minimum amount of disruption in one's work schedule. Students may choose to do their two experiences in the appropriate format described under Practicum Requirements or fulfill the requirements of a standard practicum.

To work in a small public library, those seeking Grade 2 certification in Wisconsin do a 3-credit, 150 hour practicum in a public library.

Detailed instructions on setting up a practicum, registering for the course, completing the practicum agreement, taking the online practicum course, and developing the practicum portfolio are on the practicum requirements webpage.