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Licensure Only

Not everyone wants a degree while they are working on the 1902 license:

  • Students who have a bachelor's degree but no existing teaching license may choose to work on the 1902 license as their initial teaching license, not as part of a degree program, as a post-baccalaureate student
  • Students who already holding a professional teaching license in another area or who already have a master's degree want to earn a library media license without getting another degree.

For those already holding a bachelor's degree or higher, there are two options:

  • Special student with full credentials (undergraduate level coursework)
  • Non-candidate for degree (graduate level coursework)

Special Student Full Credentials (Undergraduate level coursework)

Students who already hold a bachelor's degree may take licensure courses not as part of a degree at the undergraduate level. One way is to register as a special student with full credentials at the undergraduate level.  These students may enroll for classes at the undergraduate level except for the practicum, saving money.

Non-candidate for Degree (Graduate level coursework)

This status is available if you possess a bachelor's or higher degree from an accredited institution but do not want to pursue a graduate degree from UW-Whitewater at the time. You may want to do this if you think you want to switch to a graduate degree program after 1-3 courses.  You are considered a non-candidate-for-degree student if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • A student with a bachelor's degree but not in a master's degree program.
  • A teacher wanting to complete graduate course work to maintain educational certification requirements.
  • A student enrolled in a graduate degree program at another institution that wants to transfer the UW-Whitewater course work to that program
  • A student who has already received a master's degree from UW-Whitewater and wishes to take additional selected course work.

Courses can be taken at the graduate or undergraduate level, but not in the same semester. Any semester where a student takes a graduate course, all courses taken during the same time will be charged at the graduate rate, even if it is not a graduate course.

Students are allowed to transfer 9-12 credits earned as a non-candidate-for-degree into their degree program. If you plan to eventually enroll in a graduate degree program, you may take up to four courses at this status and have them count toward the degree. Use the online application form. There is no $56 fee or transcripts required.