School Library Licensure

The UW-Whitewater library media program offers the 1902 licensure program for school library media specialists in Wisconsin.  It can be done in two stages.

  • 1901  (formerly 902 with stipulations license): This is the first part of the 1902 license required in Wisconsin that is valid for five years and nonrenewable. It requires the person be eligible for a teaching license in Wisconsin.
  • 1902 (fomerly 902 license): The license that is granted upon completiion of a master's degree or equivalent program after the 1901. This currently can be renewed with a completed professional development plan every five years or, for those who held a Wisconsin teaching license before August 2004, this can be renewed by taking 6 credits every five years.    

Download and print the program requirements to track your progress. 

Administrative licenses related to library and information technology but no longer awarded in Wisconsin:

  • 903 Instructional Technology Coordinator:  This was an av coordinator license.
  • 91 Instructional Library Media Supervisor: This was an administrator license that will require some additional administration courses beyond the 902 Professional license. It qualifies an individual to supervise other professional library media staff.
  • 92 Instructional Technology Coordinator: This was an administrator license that will require some additional administration courses, several additional technology courses, as well as many of the same courses as the 902 professional license.   

Public Library Certification

To become a public librarian, your path will be influenced by the type of public library you want to work in.  See the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction site on Wisconsin Public Library Director Certification for more information. The minor in library science prepares students for Grade 2 certification in Wisconsin. This is for library directors in communities up to 5,999 people. It requires a bachelor's degree and the following courses:

  • Adolescent Literature
  • Children's Literature
  • Finding and Using Information
  • Information Literacy
  • Digital Tools for Learning
  • Organizing Information
  • Library Administration
  • Public Library Administration Practicum

To be a library administrator in a larger public library, Wisconsin requires a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from a library school program accredited by the American Library Association. For more information on certification in Wisconsin, see the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's Public Library Director Certification page.