1902 Initial License

Students who have a bachelor's degree but no existing teaching license may also choose to work on the 1902 license as their initial teaching license, not as part of a degree program, as of fall 2018.   A teaching license in another area is no longer required.  This option may also be appropriate for those who have a master's degree in library science.

As this is now an initial teaching license, the student must meet all the UWW requirements for teacher-education candidates including the portfolios, admission to professional education, field experience, student teaching and edTPA. 

For those working on a minor in school libraries, the general education and education coursework will be done as part of their teaching major.  They will do two practicum courses to add the 1902 license.  

General Education Requirements

These requirements are met through the general education requirements of the applicant's initial bachelor's degree.

Education Courses

For those without a teaching license in another area, the following courses will be required.  Those with a teaching license or working on a teaching license in another area could meet these requirements in the requirements for their other teaching program.

UW Whitewater COEPS admission requirements must be met by those seeking initial licensure.   Students working on initial licensure must pass the Foundations Block portfolio and meet the requirements for admission to professional education and then pass the Methods portfolio demonstrating the teaching standards.  The COEPS Advisors will determine if they meet other PI34 requirements.  

Any courses not taken through UW Whitewater must be approved as equivalent by the College Advisor and/or program coordinator.  If you plan to take any courses elsewhere, make sure to have them approved before taking them.  If one or more of these courses are taken at another institution, the student will take EDFOUND 214 to develop the foundations portfolio.  A minimum of 14 credits must be taken at UWW before student teaching.  

Catalog Number Course Title Units Notes
EFOUND 481/ 681 OR
Ed. Psychology OR
Child Development OR
Human Abilities & Learning OR
Human Development
3 Take the 3 foundations of education courses together (in the same semester Summer, Spring, or Fall).  Select one from the first box. This block includes the Foundations Block  portfolio.
EDFOUND 243 OR 710 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3
EDFNDPRC 210 Introduction to Education & Teaching 3
SPECED 205 Introduction to Special Education 3  
LIBMEDIA 439 Library Methods (requires admission to professional education, concurrent with CIFLD 401, 402 or 404)  OR PERMISSION OF INSRUCTOR -- NOTE:  This requirement could be met by a methods course in another teaching area for those with a teaching license. 3  
CIFLD 401, 402 or 404 Directed Teaching - Alternative Placement Elementary School, Middle School, Secondary School (requires admission to professional education) 2 This includes the Methods portfolio.


1902 Library License Content Courses and Capstone Portfolio  


  • Students who wish to earn a graduate degree with this initial license may take these library courses plus EDFOUND 780 at the graduate level.  They must apply to be a graduate candidate for degree before taking the library courses. 
  • If you have any library coursework, including those done as part of a MLS, you will need to submit syllabi to match the courses to the program competencies.  Courses over 8 years old may not be current enough.  Not all MLS programs will meet the Wisconsin DPI guidelines for school library media specialist preparation.
  • Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature and/or Digital Tools can be waived based on evidence or prior learning portfolios.   
Required Courses

LIBMEDIA 350:  Finding and Using Information

Graduate version:  LIBMEDIA 756:  Virtual Libraries

LIBMEDIA 434:  Digital Tools for Learning

Graduate version:  LIBMEDIA 634:  Digital Tools

LIBMEDIA 440:  Information Literacy

Graduate version:  LIBMEDIA 752:  Design of Curriculum for Inquiry
Pre-requisite:  Either LIBMEDIA 439: Library Methods or a methods course in another subject area

LIBMEDIA 451:  Organizing Information

Graduate version:  LIBMEDIA 651:  Organizing Information

LIBMEDIA 454:  Library Administration

Graduate version:  LIBMEDIA 654:  Library Administration

ELEMMID 362:  Children's Literature

Graduate version:  ELEMMID 562:  Children's literature

ENGLISH 310  OR LIBMEDIA 343:  Young Adult Literature

Graduate version:  ENGLISH 510 OR LIBMEDIA 543

LIBMEDIA 455:  Librarians as Leaders 

Graduate version:  LIBMEDIA 751:  Leadership and Administration of School Library and Technology Programs
Pre-requisite LIBMEDIA 454 or LIBMEDIA 654

GPA in library courses before practicum (must be 3.0 or higher for content courses)

Student teaching:  If 1902 is the student's initial license: select 2 of the 3 based on level of CIFLD 401, 402 or 404 (12 credits total)

  • CIFLD 411: Directed Teaching - Elementary
  • CIFLD 412: Directed Teaching - Middle School
  • CIFLD 414: Directed Teaching - Secondary
Pass the edTPA in school libraries
Capstone portfolio at end of practicum

Download the 1902 initial license requirements to track progress.