Apply for License

It is your responsibility to apply for the appropriate license through DPI. You will be submitting the capstone portfolio to UWW's library program. As of early 2014, you will use Educator Licensing Online to apply for a license. It will be important to do the portfolio and submit it immediately after your last class as the process is changing slightly. Your completed portfolio and graded coursework will be the checkpoint for approving your license. For those working on the 1902 initial license, the edTPA must also be passed to apply for a license.  Send your portfolio link to Eileen Schroeder.

1901 (formerly 902 with Stipulations) 

As of fall 2018, all students should wait until all coursework, practicum / student teaching, and the capstone portfolio are completed before applying for licensure.   This license will no longer be granted by DPI.  Those currently holding the license should complete all the pre-fall 2018 1902 requirements and then apply for the 1902 license.


  • Go to the Licensure page and complete the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) UWW Application Form. The deadlines for doing this are December 1 and May 1.  Do this at the beginning of the semester when you start your final course and expect to finish the portfolio.
    • On the form,
      • List all your degrees.
      • For UW-Whitewater, list the program as Library Media.  Also put Library Media under minor equivalent.  Ignore Major and Emphasis unless you are working on a MSEPD (emphasis: Information, Technology and Libraries) or on an undergraduate minor (minor: Library Media-K12).
      • Choose Early Childhood to Adolescence as the level.
      • List the licensure area as 1902. 
      • Complete your coursework and the portfolio.
      • Upon receipt of your portfolio, the UWW Library Media program coordinator (  checks that all coursework and portfolio were successfully completed, sending information to Certifying Officer. 
      • Once you have successfully completed all this and are eligible for the license, you will get an email from the Certifying Officer telling you to apply for the license through Educator Licensing Online for this license.