Frequently Asked Questions

What is Urban Education?

Urban Education encompasses the education of students in school systems that typically operate in metropolitan areas.  These areas are often faced with higher rates of poverty, diversity and sometimes crime.  Generally, schools in urban settings are larger and lack the resources and support to competently and appropriate educate every student and the diverse backgrounds they represent. 

Why should I choose the Urban Education module?

 Throughout the nation, urban centers are hiring record number of teachers in all areas of licensure. Whitewater students who wish to teach in Urban areas need coursework and field work directly related to the urban setting. The intent of the Urban Educational Module is to enhance the preparation of students who wish to teach in urban centers.

Where can I work?

Although UW-Whitewater's Urban Education module will prepare you to work in urban settings including major metropolitan areas (like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison), the coursework and activities are applicable in smaller contexts where work with diverse youth, families, and communities is involved.