Education and Fitness Resources

  • UWW Professional Development Planning/Licensure Renewal Center - The Licensure Renewal Support Center is one of 16 centers throughout the state of Wisconsin that were created and designated by the Department of Public Instruction.
  • Department of Public Instruction - Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction
  • Y-Coach Coaching Database - Includes drills and plays. Also information on supplements, and nutrition, and information regarding psychology, discipline and philosophy.
  • Biomechanics World Wide - The Sports Biomechanics Lab is both a research facility, and an undergraduate and graduate teaching facility. The primary focus of the lab and of our research and teaching activities is to quantify and explain human movement in the environment of sport.
  • American College of Sports Medicine - Much more than a slogan, the American College of Sports Medicine puts into practice its strategic efforts to advancing the health of all. As the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world, ACSM has more than 20,000 International, National, and Regional Chapter members.