Athletic Coaching Education Minor

The Athletic Coaching Education minor is designed to meet the national coaching standards developed by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. The Athletic Coaching Education minor allows students to pursue an add-on 540 Coaching Athletics Professional Educator license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Unique Requirement

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Requirement 1

Requirement 2

COACHING 250 is not required for Health, Human Performance and Recreation majors or Physical Education - Licensure majors. The course may be waived as a prerequisite for other courses by contacting the Coordinator of the Athletic Coaching Education Minor (see More Information heading below).

Requirement 3

Requirement 4

Select 2-3 credits from COACHING 492: Field Study in Coaching. COACHING 492 provides undergraduate students with a supervised capstone experience in coaching. Students will be placed with Department approved university, public, private or community teams or programs to obtain practical experience in the sport(s) of their choice. The site selection should be consistent with the professional objectives selected by the student. Department approval is required following completion and submission of the Coaching Field Study Site Agreement Form which can be obtained from the Department Office. Additional information is available from the Program Coordinator of the Athletic Coaching Education Minor, Dr. Kelly S. Witte (see More Information heading below).

Requirement 5

Select 2-4 credits:

Requirement 6

Select 3-6 credits:

Note: there is a limit of 3 credits that may be taken for COACHING 490, 496 and 498.

Coaching Employment Portfolio and Coaching Exit Interview

Upon completion of all other requirements for the Athletic Coaching Education minor, students must complete a Coaching Employment Portfolio and participate in a Coaching Exit Interview with Coach Matt Zwaschka (Williams Center 202A, (262) 472-1867,

Other Resources

More Information

For more information about the Athletic Coaching Education Minor, contact:
Dr. Kelly S. Witte
Department Chair and Associate Professor
123A Williams Center
Office Phone: (262) 472-5650