NASPE Coaching Standards

National Standards for Sport Coaches, Second Edition National Association of Sport & Physical Education, 2005

Domain 1 - Philosophy and Ethics

  • Standard 1 - Develop and implement an athlete-centered coaching philosophy.
  • Standard 2 - Identify, model, and teach positive values learned through sport participation.
  • Standard 3 - Teach and reinforce responsible personal, social, and ethical behavior of all people involved in the sport program.
  • Standard 4 - Demonstrate ethical conduct in all facets of the sport program.

Domain 2 - Safety and Injury Prevention

  • Standard 5 - Prevent injuries by providing safe facility.
  • Standard 6 - Ensure that all necessary protective equipment is available, properly fitted, and used appropriately.
  • Standard 7 - Monitor environmental conditions and modify participation as needed to ensure the health and safety of participants.
  • Standard 8 - Identify physical conditions that predispose athletes to injuries.
  • Standard 9 - Recognize injuries and provide immediate and appropriate care.
  • Standard 10 - Facilitate a coordinated sports health care program of prevention, care, and management of injuries.
  • Standard 11 - Identify and address the psychological implications of injury.

Domain 3 - Physical Conditioning

  • Standard 12 - Design programs of training, conditioning, and recovery that properly utilize exercise physiology and biomechanical principles.
  • Standard 13 - Teach and encourage proper nutrition for optimal physical and mental performance and overall good health.
  • Standard 14 - Be an advocate for drug-free sport participation and provide accurate information about drugs and supplements.
  • Standard 15 - Plan conditioning programs to help athletes return to full participation following injury.

Domain 4 - Growth and Development

  • Standard 16 - Apply knowledge of how developmental change influences the learning and performance of sport skills.
  • Standard 17 - Facilitate the social and emotional growth of athletes by supporting a positive sport experience and lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • Standard 18 - Provide athletes with responsibility and leadership opportunities as they mature.

Domain 5 - Teaching and Communication

  • Standard 19 - Provide a positive learning environment that is appropriate to the characteristics of the athletes and goals of the program.
  • Standard 20 - Develop and monitor goals for the athletes and program.
  • Standard 21 - Organize practice based on a seasonal or annual practice plan to maintain motivation, manage fatigue, and allow for peak performance at the appropriate time.
  • Standard 22 - Plan and implement daily practice activities that maximize time on task and available resources.
  • Standard 23 - Utilize appropriate instructional strategies to facilitate athlete development and performance.
  • Standard 24 - Teach and incorporate mental skills to enhance performance and reduce sport anxiety.
  • Standard 25 - Use effective communication skills to enhance individual learning, group success, and enjoyment in the sport experience.
  • Standard 26 - Demonstrate and utilize appropriate and effective motivational techniques to enhance athlete performance and satisfaction.

Domain 6 - Sport Skills and Tactics

  • Standard 27 - Know the skills, elements of skill combinations, and techniques associated with the sport being coached.
  • Standard 28 - Identify, develop, and apply competitive sport strategies and specific tactics appropriate for the age and skill levels of the participating athletes.
  • Standard 29 - Use scouting methods for planning practices, game preparation, and game analysis.

Domain 7 - Organization and Administration

  • Standard 30 - Demonstrate efficiency in contest management.
  • Standard 31 - Be involved in public relation activities for the sport program.
  • Standard 32 - Manage human resources for the program.
  • Standard 33 - Manage fiscal resources for the program.
  • Standard 34 - Facilitate planning, implementation, and documentation of the emergency action plan.
  • Standard 35 - Manage all information, documents, and records for the program.
  • Standard 36 - Fulfill all legal responsibilities and risk management procedures associated with coaching.

Domain 8 - Evaluation

  • Standard 37 - Implement effective evaluation techniques for team performance in relation to established goals.
  • Standard 38 - Use a variety of strategies to evaluate athlete motivation and individual performance as they relate to season objectives and goals.
  • Standard 39 - Utilize an effective and objective process for evaluation of athletes in order to assign roles or positions and establish individual goals.
  • Standard 40 - Utilize an objective and effective process for evaluation of self and staff.