Health Education Certificate

This certificate serves as the existing structure for students wishing to acquire the Health Education add-on licensure. A health minor is NOT declared for this program. This program does not show up on an AR, however, a student who successfully completes the program will receive a Health Education Certificate from the Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching. This certificate program will be identified on a student's transcripts and will then qualify the student for recommendation to the Wisconsin Department of Instruction for licensure in health education.


  1. HEALTHED 250: Introduction to Helath Education (3 credits)
  2. HEALTHED 344: Pre K-12 Sex Education (3 credits)
  3. HEALTHED 360: Current Topics in Health & Wellness (3 credits) 
  4. HEALTHED 391: Nutrition OR SAFETY 255 (3 credits) 
  5. HEALTHED 445: Teaching Health Education (3 credits) 
  6. HEALTHED 492: Field Study Health (3 credits) 

Other Resources

For more information about the Health Education Minor, contact:

HPERC Department
123 Williams Center
Office Phone: (262) 472-1140