Physical Education - Licensure Emphasis

The Physical Education - Licensure emphasis leads to a 530 Physical Education Professional Educator license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. This licensure provides students with the flexibility to teach students at all levels in both elementary and/or secondary schools. Students who are interested in making themselves highly marketable may choose from two additional add-on Professional Educator licenses: 910 Health Professional Educator and 860 Adaptive Physical Education.

Licensure Requirements (35 credits)

Requirement 1

Requirement 2

Requirement 3

Requirement 4

Select 2 credits:

Requirement 5A

Select 6 credits:

Requirement 5B

Select 6 credits:

Requirement 6

Select 3 credits:

Requirement 7

Major Requirements (54 credits)

Requirement VII.1

Requirement VII.2

Requirement VII.3

Select 1 credit from each group below:

Requirement VII.4

Select 2 credits:

Requirement VII.5

Select 1 credit from courses listed as PEGNRL (excluding PEGNRL 192 and courses listed in Requirement VII.6). Not all courses that may be used to satisfy Requirement VII.5 are offered every semester.

Requirement VII.6

Select 1 credit:

Note: Each major must demonstrate at least an intermediate level of swimming by completing PEGNRL 151 or show proficiency through a swimming test. (Successful completion of the swimming test DOES NOT replace the 1 credit minimum requirement for Aquatics) PEPROF 251 OR 291 may be used. Not all courses that may be used to satisfy Requirement VII.6 are offered every semester.

Requirement VII.7

Requirement VII.8


Select 5 credits approved by your advisor.

Swimming proficiency

Choose one:

Not all courses that may be used to satisfy Swimming Proficiency are offered every semester.

More Information

For more information about the Physical Education - Licensure Emphasis, contact:
Penny Portman 
College of Education and Professional Studies, Professor
Williams Center 114
Office Phone:  (262) 472-5425